Technology helping change the world

Robert Noyce’s 85th birthdayis this year, if he was alive. Robert, however, died in 1990.  Who was Robert Noyce, he was an inventor, a general nice person, and the co-inventor of the microchip.  One would not be inaccurate to call this invention one of the inventions that re-sculpted the technological frontier and the normal way the world lives their life. In fact, Time magazine called him the “Modern day Edison” because of the microchip and the many other technological inventions he produced or assisted on.

Steve jobs, the inventor of Apple/Macintosh computers died Oct 11, 2011 at the age of 56. For those of you who were alive during the beginning of Apple, he WAS the face of the new age. The young brown haired kid who introduced us all to the computer with its green words and black background. Before there was desktops, windows, etc…there was the Apple Computer and it changed the world, and we were amazed. Then they reinvented the world again through the IPOD,Iphone, Ipad, and whatever I…they come up with next!

But this post is not about techno-history. This post is about what the technology is doing for us now.  How have these great inventions helped the common good of humankind?  How have these inventions helped us reduce the violence in the world? How have these helped reduce the amount of animals hurt and endangered and extinct? How have they reduced the amount of diseases in our world? How have the reduced the destruction of people?  How have they given people with special needs ample abilities they never had?

They’ve allowed us to spread information at an alarming rate.

They’ve allowed us to mobilize at a split second.

They’ve allowed us to talk to people across the world in a split second.

Seems like that would allow us to communicate the problems, the atrocities, and the needs of all people of the world.

It seems that this ability would allow us to show all people that all people are humankind and deserve the same respect, honor, and ability to live a happy safe life.

Steve Jobs once said about the computer, “Now we can see everyone as one people, and we can achieve peace.”

Bill Gates (creator of windows and Microsoft)asked this very question to a large group of computer executives. Their answer was, “it’s not our problem. We deal in technology, what people do with it is up to them.” He took out a box and explained that what if this box contained the worlds problems, would it then be their problem and most still said no. He went on to explain that the box held malaria infested mosquitos. At the time malaria was a major epidemic and was killing millions world wide. This also was not their problem. So he opened the box and said…now it’s your problem. No, the mosquitos were not infested with malaria…but it makes a good point.

The world’s problems is our problem, and technology does have the ability to solve many of them.

If you have the ability to read this blog.  If you have the ability to log onto this blog. You have the ability to not only post or communicate it with others…you have the ability to make sure the violence and the problems stop.

When you sign up for a Yahoo e-mail, they give you a website…..that means you have the ability to create a website to help in any way that comes to your mind.

If you have an e-mail account, you have contacts. If you have contacts you have the ability to send something out to them EVERYDAY asking them to help others.

If you can text…if you can take picutures…if you can get on facebook….YOU CAN TAKE PICTURES AND TELL EVERYONE THAT THIS TYPE OF VIOLENCE WILL NO LONGER BE TOLERATED! That these types of situations must end. That we must do something to change the world,. We must do something to create positive change.

If you have a facebook…begin using it for more than just to post what you are eating at lunch, or the fact you can’t sleep. Or worse…don’t spread the negativity that is lounging around all over the net. You have the ability to create a facebook of positivity. Go to my facebook off of my site: and check out how positive I was able to make my facebook.

Through technology we have the ability to destroy the human race or create a world that is so positive and amazing, we can barely think of it now. However, 20 years ago I could barely think of surfing the net on my phone!



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