This is a wonderful article beautifully articulating the fact that when we decided to do something to “change the world” amazing things happen. Mike Bond watched as his paradise was begining to be eroded away my industrialization and human encampment. As we begin to destroy the parts of our earth that are beautiful and wonderful in order for us to live the life we decide is paradise…we are destroying real paradise. Then Lesley Carter of Bucket List Publications decided to interview and ask Mike about this.

This blog, this interview, this book all are culminations of people trying to make our world a better place. Mike has brought this idea, this cause, and everythign he has and believes into this world and in front of thousands in order to make a change and keep paradise on earth and not destroyed, like the Arizona subdivision that is now under oil.

Lesley has now added to this scope by bringing Mike’s book even farther into the public eye by putting on her website.

When I go an speak to group after group about doing something amazing to change the world… these are examples that we can all do. By simply writing and exposing everyone to what is REALLY going
on…you can make so much difference.
What difference are you going to make?


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