Great Book Series – Personhood


At the end of Leo Buscuglia’s ground breaking “LOVE” book he gives the reader some advice to continue their discovery into being a human and being a loving person(I have taken gender out of the writing…other than that it is a direct quote):

“The main function [of a person] is to help unfold his true SELF.

“Equal to a person’s function is helping others to become strong, and perfect themselves as unique individuals.

“They will do this best by affording all persons the opportunity to show their own feelings, express their aspirations and share their dreams.

“They must see the forces labeled “evil” as emanating from suffering people who, like themselves, are “human” and in the process of attempting their “beings”.

“They must combat these forces of evil through an active love which is deeply concerned and interested in each person’s free quest of self discovery.

“They must believe that this is not a world that is ugly, bitter, and destructive, but it is what people have done to the world that makes it appear so.

“They must be a model. Not a model of perfection, a state not often achieved by a person, but a model human being. For being a good human being is the best thing you can be.

“They must forgive them self for being less than perfect.

pd1“They must understand that change is inevitable, and that when it is directed in love and self-realization, it is always good.

“They must learn that behavior is learned and meant to be tried out, and decided if it is good.

(Awesome metaphor coming up….so cool!)

“They must learn that they can not be loved by all people. This is the ideal. In this world, it is not often found. They must learn that they can be the finest most juicy plum in the world and offer themselves to all people. But always remember that there will be people who do not like plums.

“They must understand that they are the world’s finest plum and someone they love do not like plums, they have the option to become a banana. But they will only be a second rate banana because they are already the best plum.

“They must understand that if they choose to be a second rate banana, they run a risk of the other person seeing them as second rate and discarding them because they feel they deserve only the best. They can spend their whole life trying to be the best banana they can – which is impossible if they are a plum – of they can seek to be the best plum in the whole world!

“They must endeavor to love all people, even if all people don’t love them. They don’t have to be loved, they love to love!

“They must reject no one. Because they understand that they are part of every person, and to reject another person, is rejecting themselves.”

(Spoiler alert…awesome paragraph coming…NOW!)

“They must know that if they love all people and is rejected or hurt by one, they must not pull away in fear, pain, disappointment or anger. It is not the other person’s fault. The other person was not ready for what was offered. Love was not offered to this person with conditions. They gave love because they were fortunate enough to have it to give, because they felt joy in the giving, not for what they would receive in return.

“They must understand that, if they are rejected in one love, there are hundreds of others awaiting love. The idea that there is but one right love is deception. There are many right loves.”

– Love, 1972

At the beginning of the “LOVE” book he stated that the book was just the beginning of the conversation. The logical next step would be to discuss how we as a group could become better. These two books embrace this idea behind the quote:

“Yesterday, I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi

pd3We must first work on ourself in order to create a better world. As the above quote from the “Love” book does, it shows us a step by step way of how to develop us into a more loving person. Then we have to embrace that we are part of a larger group; a group that not only affects us but also affects the entire planet. This large group is called humanity or what Leo Buscuglai calls it: Personhood

Personhood takes us step by step of how adopting the ideas of “Love” can create a larger group of loving people. When this group becomes normalized it reinvents and restablishes the idea of what a person is. When we redefine what it is to be a person, we recreate what it is to be part of Personhood.

Through this book, we that this arcane idea of “looking out for number 1…me” has created a world of letting people drown so you, yourself, can float and also achieve at their expense. Instead, if we valued one another and created a world based on Love, compassion, and helping; rather than, competition, money, and materialism we could become a “Personhood” that strives to help all people become better. This would change the world into a positive place.

Instead of buying the BIG house and BIG car..we’d make sure everyone eats and has water and a home first. Why can’t we live on what we “need” and then help others get to the point of having just “what they need”. There are so many people, through n fault of their own, can not get the very basic simple things they need…because there are so many people not caring or helping. How are we a wghole person if we have spare money, toys, and opulence when there is a family that worked to help others…lost the funding, lost their home, and now live shelter to shelter. These basic needs is what the Universal Declaration of Human Rights speak about…rights that all humanity deserve.  Let us uphold this declaration!

When we create a world where all people are helping each other, we are living in a world of acceptance and understanding. Acceptance and understanding is the opposite of violence…therefore we would live in a time of PEACE!


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