Good Morning to everyone

In the beginning if the morning we feel refreshed and ready to go. We see a whole new day ahead of us. We see the oportunities and all the great things that will happen and we can do.

Then we leave the house and allow all these great feelings and ideas and ideals get eroded bit by bit…till were part if the angry depressed mob that wandrs our streets and job places complaining about their life.

Decide that thats not acceptable. Decide your day will be better. Decide you will be the change and the light that will make the world better for all even if its just a smile. Do you remember this song?

A smile

I have something in my pocket
It belongs across my face.
I keep it very close to me
In the most convient place.
Im sure you couldnt guess it
If you guessed a long long while.
So ill take it out and put it on
Its my great big happy smile.


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