See violence do violence, see peace do peace

Imagine a world where violent phrases, violent words, violent images, and violent ideas are constantly in someones face.

Imagine a world where all the REAL problems in the world were downplayed so that people would watch and pay attention to the famous instead.

What would that world be like?  A world where there is violence everywhere. A world where there would be problems all over the place and the majority of the people ignoring it. A world where the young people would idolize the rich, idolize the famous…instead of the people trying to help people and who are poor. The world would accept the fact that “helping people” pays nothing and “pretending to be someone else (acting)” would pay trillions.

Turn on the news, Turn on the TV, Turn on youtube….wouldn’t that world look like what we see all the time?    YES

We can create a world where we can turn on the news and see all of the amazing things people are doing to help others…rather than having that story be a side note to the violence and problems.

I can motivate and show you how to do this: Got to


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