Ageism? Yes, ageism!


There are a lot of “isms” that people use as an excuse to commit violence and domestic violence. By eliminating them, we get that much closer to ending the violence.

Ageism…what is that?

The discrimination of someone because of their age.

This happens most often to the old and the young. We live in a world that disrespects older people and negates the value of younger people.

Story 1

A gentleman went to go see his father. His father had lost control of his bowels, forgot where he was most of the time, and loved playing chess…he was 82. The gentleman had no ability to take care of him so he had to put him in an assisted living facility. The father understood and was ok with that. At this visit, the son noticed blood on the sheets.  It was blood from bed sores. When the son said he’d check on this the father said – No, it will be worse if you say something. They beat people here and when families complain about the bed sores we get alcohol baths.

Note – When this gentleman took this up with the management, they said they would take care of that after the new management came in. The current management could not be held liable for anything since they no longer managed the facility. The new management said they could do nothing about it or be held responsible since it happened prior to their management. This is normal operating procedure and the companies will bury you in legal paperwork if you try to sew or fight it.

Story 2

A woman about 53 gets on a plane and settles into her seat for a 4 hour flight. She overhears a young man about 20 or so speaking on the phone and say, “Great.  I have to sit next to some nasty old lady. Why can’t they just get rid of them.” She makes no comment and the young man sits down. He proceeds to text his friend saying that girls over 35 just need to stop thinking they have anything to offer men at all. They’re disgusting. The woman noticed the text and sat quietly. After the plane was in the air for a while, the young man was forced to speak to her so that the flight attendant could pass him his drink. he felt he had to make small talk and asked,”So, are you retired?”  The woman chuckled…I’m not that old she replied. he mumbled under his breath, “You’re not?”  She stated she was a motivational speaker. and suddenly, she became interesting….

Story 3

A young man loved math more than anything. He decided to figure out why the world worked and did the things it did. He couldn’t make the math work right, so he invented a new kind of math. then he invented a new kind of physics. then he invented a new kind of math for the new kind of physics.  That would be 2 new kinds of math, 1 new kind of physics, and 1 500 page book to explain it all.  This was done by a 15 year old.   His name was Isacc Newton. When he published his book and talked about his finding they wouldn’t listen to him because there is no way a kid could do this.

This is what ageism looks like!


There are millions of students whose potential is nowhere close to being tapped. Everyday there is a student in school who comes up with a GREAT idea and they are shoved aside because of ageism. Every day there was millions of older people who still have a lot of life left to live that are pushed aside because they don’t fit the new and pretty look, they have biological situations that everyone naturally have when they get older, they don’t fit what society says is viable anymore.

age1Right now…the youth are doing amazing things:

Boy becomes world wide ambassador for limbless charity.

11 year old gets multiple counties to end allowing plastic bags in their county.

14 year old speaks out for gender equality and women’s rights – gets shot and comes back and stands stronger

12 year old invents a company where they inspire kids to do amazing things.

15 year old rewrites marriage law in western states.

11 year old collects $200 for special Olympics, $100 for All Childrens Hospital, and $75 for breast cancer.

10 year old reinvents and revitalizes Greek economy.

Two 12 year olds create a news channel for kids.

8 year old creates talk show in garage where famous people including the President of The United States scrambles to get onto.

Kids are doing amazing things…and they are being stifled. Imagine if we saw them for the amazing people they are..what amazing things they could do.

What are you going to do to end this?



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