Helping those who have no voice

On my facebook I’m always saying…we can change the world.

All you have to do is pick something that you believe in and put your energy to it. No matter what you can do…do something. If you can donate…donate. If you can – just post on facebook….just post on facebook. If you can just tumbl or tweet…then just tumbl and tweet. If you feel like leading a movement..go out there and lead a movement. No matter what you do, it’s something that wasn’t done before. Therefore, more people…even if it’s just 1 are hearing about the cause, the effort, and your passion. Many times just your passion for the cause is inspiration enough. Sometimes just seeing it plastered allover your facebook, your linkd in, your car, your house, your clothes….is enough to make someone else sit up and take notice. When they realize they can do something…they will and you have inspired an amazing movement.

dI got done speaking to a group of teens and adults about ending violence. At the end an older man came up to me and said:

“I saw you last month. I brought my grandson when I heard you were going to speak. When I saw you, you talked about changing the world. I laughed at you..openly and a lot. I even made fun of your crap. A few days later, I walked by a shirt in a store that said ‘I love my Beagle’. I had a Beagle. I don’t run fast no more and the only ride I have is through the park I live at. My little Dustin got out and ran and ran and ran. I called the ASPCA, but they didn’t have him. Three weeks later I found out that animal control had him. But because he was there for so long they put him down. That was some time ago. Now, animal control calls the breed rescue places that will keep them before killing them. I’ve been giving money to the Beagle rescue people for years…I never realized that I was helping to change the world, but I also realized I wasn’t passing that message on. I asked my grandson here what he would do…and he didn’t know. That’s not right.

d3“So I’m here to tell you…you’re right. If we just do something, we are changing the world. Why, I wore that shirt and everyone who asks about it I tell them about Dustin and the Beagle rescue. Now the whole park is giving to the Beagle rescue. “

He poked me in the shoulder, made his grandson shake hands with me, and nodded a nod that said…You’re telling the truth, keep it up.

Wow…a whole park donating money because I guy talks about his dog and wears a shirt. There si so much we can do to help…

Here are websites to canine rescue sites. Every single one of them are a nonprofit and only are able to do what they do because of volunteers, helpers, and donations. Let’s go out there and help the animals get rescued, get homes, and LIVE!

d2If the listing says that it’s a state rescue, there’s probably a national one too and each state has their own…if yours doesn’t  have one, what a great opportunity! You can suggest, motivate, or start one yourself.

Florida Boxer Rescue –

Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue –

Dalamation Rescue of Tampa Bay –

Old English Sheep Dog Florida rescue – 727 323 8578

Sunshine State Mustang and Burrors rescue –

Florida Parrott Rescue –

Florida Shar-pei rescue –

Pit  Bull Happenings –

Florida Boxer Rescue –

Florida Labrador Rescue –


If there is a dog here that is not represented, look it up…no doubt there’s a rescue site out there.


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