PLEASE HELP me name them! There will be 6 types of poetry books

I wrote earlier about the books that I’m coming out with.

I’ve also talked and even given samples of the poetry books coming out.

I’m happy to announce these books are coming along wonderfully…and there will be 6 types of poetry books…for all of those poetry lovers out there.

Remember – poetry isn’t that weird writing that nobody understands. NO! Poetry is merely a story more than the words themselves are saying. Poetry can be enjoyed as the words, the meaning, or the meaning YOU came up with.

The 6 generes are:

Inspirational Poetry

– Not to be redundant, poetry designed to inspire and motivate you. Poetry to get you stoked and pumped to do something, to change the world in a positive way. The poetry that asks you to get up and do!

Literate Poetry

– For the English major types, the literature people, for those that want to dissect and question the ideal of poetry, and how the turn of a phrase may change the meaning of the line and the poem itself. Poem very deep in meaning, meataphors, and symbolism…but oh so much fun!

Love Poetry

– You know it had to be there. The poetry to invoke love, to share love, to spread love….and being in love. This poetry is the poetry you want to receive in a card, a novel, a piece of paper in your lover’s scrawl

Dark Poetry

– For those that love to revel in the misery, so they know what true happiness and positivity is. Many peop;e must see this dichotomy in order to be the happy positive change that one wants to see in the world.

Gender Poetry

– This is poetry that questions our ideas of gender, promotes gender equality, and how gender affects us all.

General poetry

– This is the grab bag. This is the experimental stuff, the neat stuff, the everyday poetry that was and is, yet is whimsical enough to be about nothing, something, or dust in the air. This is for the readers who just want to open up a book and be tickled by the language and literature.

Here’s the catch….

I’ve been writing and publishing poetry for 20 years now. I have a lot of poetry lying around that is being compiled and edited into these categories. Considering these “types of Poetry”….what do you think the names of the books should be?

So there’s the task….Help me name the books. Please leave it as a comment below or got to and leave me a note.

P.s. How many poems constitute a book of poetry? 30? 15? 45?






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