It’s always a happy day

We walk around the world asking people questions we don’t want answered.

“what’s up”
“How are you?”
“how are you doing”

Do we really want answers to these questions? If we did we’d politely stop,wait for the answer to our inquiry, and the respond in kind. The reality is that these are real questions and real converation starters. But we spit them out as we quickly pass someone….never actually wanting a response. And if there is a response we expect to recieve the same question back, sounding something like this:

“how are you?”
“hi. How are you?”

Then we move on our mary way…2 questions asked, none answered.

Side note: Kids watch this happen all the time, and then get n trouble if they don’t answer a question….nothing like confusing the next generation.

Then there is the spat out commands we love to use:
“good morning”
“Good day”
“have a good day”

We are commanding people to have a good day…or what?

When i ask why people do this or,even better, why they get bothered when people actually answer their question and actually START a conversation. Their answer is-i don’t have time.

Wow…are we really getting to the point where we don’ have time for another human being, and to simply care about one another?

On this Tuesday, i suggest you actually act like a genuine person and ask how someone is, and then wait for the amswer. Have that conversation and show the other person you value their answer,their emotional place, and you honestly care about THEM!

What will you learn and how will it change you? Trust me…you have time.


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