Let’s all Help “All For The Animals”

There are people out there that decide they are going to pursue their passion no matter what the cost. When they succeed, we write newspaper articles about them, magazine articles about them, and they become part of a “rags to riches story” that we eat up and live for.  We love to hear these stories about the millionaires, the musican, and the successful business people that came from n0thing and then made it to great heights.  At the end of the story of how they achieved all they did, we tear up and smile knowing that this is really possible in our world.

For that one moment, we see the world as better than the constant onslaught of negativity that is increasingly become part of our world.

When a person goes out to pursue their passion, and it isn’t about them at all…unfortunately we usually don’t hear about them. We usually only hear about them if our local news or some small local paper has caught wind of it, and they do a small story on them. But the success is even larger for these people than the successful business person or actor or musician above, these special ones are speaking and acting for others. Their work is creating a ripple affect of happiness, joy, and help that is felt by everyone who hears from them or sees them or is part of their life in any way.

What if you could be part of someone’s story?  That is the oportunioty we all have every day…to be able to help someone achieve their dreams and their success. Right now…You can.

Allow me to introduce you a Nonprofit called All For The Animals.

 This company was started for one reason and one reason only….The Animals.

There are so many animals that are kicked out of homes, dropped into the wild, decided that they aren’t part of the family anymore, or simply discarded and forgotten. There are so many animals, especially the litters of unfixed dogs and cats, that need help and a place to live. It’s not their fault that their “person” doesn’t have enough money to take care of their brothers and sisters. It’s not their fault that their “person” didn’t think ahead and they get tossed out to fend for themselves. Many times these animals are picked up by animal Control, and if the poor animals are deemed “dangerous”, “sick”, or are in the facility too long…they are killed! This is wrong! There are so many ways that animals become “person-less”…but they don’t have to be just thrown to the wolves (pun intended…because that’s a very real situation for many of these animals) or killed by people who see them as a problem rather than a real living breathing earthling.

The Director of All for the Animals Lauren Bertke and her husband decided that enough was enough!  They would not watch animals be killed in places that were suppose to help or left to die in the wild.

  1. All of these animals deserve the right to live.
  2. All of these animals deserve to be placed in a happy loving home.
  3. All of these animals deserve a shot at life.
  4. These animals did not ask to be brought into this world, they only ask that they are able to live!


Lauren Bertke and her husband are one of those people that have gone out and pursued their passion regardless of the risks. They have created All For The Animals to help give the animals a voice and a home. But what about the bills? But what about the upkeep?  All For The Animals is a nonprofit that lives only on the donations, the vollunters, grants (if you can get one), and the help from people like you.

So, what can you do?

Right now, anything that you can do is appreciated!

Donations of any kind are greatly appreciated!  To foster and take care of ALL of these animals they need ways to feed, water, clean up, and take care of ALL of the pets, and the ability to get more.

So what do they need:

  •  dog food
  • cat food
  • kitty litter
  • dog crates
  • newspapers
  • bedding
  • general donations.

You can go to their website and donate or buy a think of food or litter for them.

This is not only your change to help someone achieve their dreams of helping aniamls, but you also help hundreds and thousands of animals. When you help people, it’s amazing. When you help animals, you are helping part of the earth and mother nature. When you help them both…you are doing something amazing!

Thank you for helping All For The Animals…they deserve it, and I can’t wait to be part of their “Rags to Riches Story.”

Please let me know what you donate!



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