Today will be different


So many times we wake up and we tell ourselves…today will be different. Today i won’t loose my temper. Today ill stay on budget. Today i will stay on or start my diet or my excersise plan or some task you have been meaning to do. Today i will be nice to everyone. Today i will start meditating Today….

Today is just like yesterday and tomorrow is just like today. Like the picture at the top of this post…no matter how that giraffee tries to hide behind the tree it won’t happen. We are who we are, and that’s not changing. Unfortunetly,most people don’t know who they are ir what their true nature is.

1. Get to know you.

Is your body naturally curvy, are there 100s of generations of bigger people? Have you been angry all your life? Are you struggling with 1000 things all the time? You can’t suddenly change everything right now…today.

Find out who you are. Find out your normal…and then work from there.

2. Take small steps and celebrate every step.

It took your lifetime to get to where you are…it won’t take that long to change,but it’s not going to happen over night.  All of thr 12 step programs give tokens for each day,week,month,years,decades,etc. Because change starts 1 step at a time.

Remember there are things you can change and those you cant. So deal with the things you can and celebrate your accomplishments.



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