Daily motivation…lives again

If you are new to this blog…AWESOME! SPECTACULAR!

If you have been part of this blog for a while…Thank you from a place in my deeply laden with gratitude. THANK YOU!!!

A little while back…6 months?….i had a feature on this blog listed as daily motivations. It unfortunetly stopped..sorry.


Everyday you will open your email and there will be a new Daily Dose of Motivation.

However…if you want me to txt you a daily dose of meditation in addition to this blog…id be happy to. For $1 per month…thats right $1 per month….i will text you a daily dose of motivation.  If this is something you want:

1.email me at chadherman@motivatingforpositivechange.com
2. Give me your phone number and notify me youput $1 in my paypal acct: motivatingforpositivechange@yahoo.com
3. Whats my paypal account? Motivatingforpositivechange@yahoo.com (yes, i know i already wrote that..but some people missed it..and thats ok)
4. Sit back and enjoy your 2 (txt and blog-yes they will be different) daily doses of motivation.
5. Coolest part: no obligation, no contract.

Daily dose of motivation starts tomorrow…enjoy!


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