Autism Awareness?




The people who have autism look out to the world and see a vast landscape of confusion, oddities, and vast extreme painful brilliance that is too biting to even understand. Then they are asked to be more like everyone else. This means that they, the autustic comunity, would know and understand what they see and try to assimilate to what is expected. WRONG! The problem with this is that it is based on the assumption that the autistic community understands the world outside of their eyes. There’s the problem…imagine: Your brain has told you many truths for years. Then somebody says its wrong. Also everyone does and says things that either you dony understand or dont see. Then everyone looks at you and says that EVERYTHING that your brain says is “what youre suppose to do” is absolutely wrong. Why is your brain wrong? Why isnt their brain wrong? This is the problem with the autistic community…they have little ability to speak out…because there is a lot of patience and teachers that have to help then communicate their world with ours. So we have to speak…we have to give them the ability to speak…. To find out why autism happens. To find out how the autistc community can help and be part of the outer community. To end the abuse and bullying and misunderstanding that the autistic community has to deal with their entire life. Speak up, do something, help out!


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