Thrift shop…popping tags

“Popping tags! ” this is a term that has recently become very popular thanks to a new song called “Thrift Shop”. Popping tags is simply pulling sales tags off the stuff you bought at the store…especially at a “local” thrift shop.

The songs points out that you “got $20 in my pocket”. Then the chorus comes back and tells you that buying a bunch of stuff…a bunch….for only  $20. That ability is “freaking awesome”!

When you think about it…

Thrift shops, normally, sell clothes and things for very low price…usually $1 for a piece of clothing or for multiple pieces if clothing. So for $20 you can get 10-30 pieces of clothing.

As I was thinking about popping tags, and how I believe in buying all of my clothes from thrift shops, I thought about how great of an oportunity these thrift shops provide.

As seasons change..we get rid if things because we are putting away heavy clothes, and bringing out lighter clothes. As you find that fitting all the clothes back into the closet,or trunks,or where ever you keep your clothes…the clothes don’t fit in their spot…or you just dont want to put them back period.


Instead,bag them up and take them to a local thrift shop.  So what does this do for positive change(you knew I was going to spin this into a positve thing…and a way to help a lot of people.)

1. Thrift shops are part of the local economy. A very large group of our population,like it or not, are very close to poverty. A tshirt for $1, compared to $20 for a tshirt at most mall stores, is an amazing way to clothe yourself and yiur family when minimum wage is not that far AWAY
2. Not only are you helping the poverty, you are opening up a place that wilk then add vitality to your community.
3. You give others great deals for your clothes.
4. Finally…a new world thrift shop has arrived on the scene:

There are a nu number of new thrift shops that have opened up that are really nonprofit organizations helping people, organizations, and real causes and they are creating real solutions.


There is a few thrift shops in my area here in Florida that are completely nonprofits.

There is one place called Nu to You that helps out 2 local food banks, a pregnancy/adoption agency for ladies who see no options and are alone, and also helps local churches to go on various missions.

There’s another called Thrift Shop for Heroes. This is a shop where all their proceeds go to fallen heroes of the military.

Finally, there’s a third placd called the RCS Thrift Shop where all the proceeds go to a local domestic violence outreach center and shelter.

So go and drop off those clothes and things you just dont need and help out your community, neighbors, and the ripple effect will pay it forward far beyond what you can imagine.


Are you feeling even more adventures? Do you want to really create mass positive change? Create a thrift shop yourself! Yes! You can create a thrift shop nonprofit yoirself. Do you have a passion for a cause…your new thrift shop can fund research and needed funds to help your cause.

Cancer research?
Domestic Violence?
Church missions
General positive contributions
Whatever your cause that you truly believe in, a thrift shop can help fund it and create awesom positive change.

In the essence of the song-lets go thrift shopping!


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