Keep the momentum going


The internet has seen a new meme or graphic which is the “keep calm and…” phrase. This is used for everything. I’ve seen it for hotdogs (keep calm and eat hot dogs) to Twinkies (keep calm and save the Twinkes) and then many of the social actions groups of caught on and used for them as well. There’s cancer (keep calm and fight breast cancer) and even a peace group has one (keep calm and be peaceful)

However..does anyone remember where this came from? Does anyone realize the implications of bringing it back?


This little message was put out by the English Govt during WWII when Germany was bombing London 10 times a day. Imagine for a moment what that would feel like. What that would be like. To hear the airplanes flying over and knowing they are bringing bombs, bombs that will destroy your entire city. Bombs that you have watched previously destroy buildings, houses,  schools, people, friends , even your family.

No matter who you are the human instinct takes over, and you’re scared. You know those bombs are going to destroy and cause problems and there’s nothing you can do about it. There’s no where you can run. You just have to wait until it happens.

This is a feeling that the English people in London felt during all of those bombing raids. What was the English government supposed to do?

There’s nothing they could do. They were doing everything they could do. So the answer was we have to keep people moving on and doing whatever they do on their normal daily lives. If we can keep London moving, keep London being productive we can keep the peoples morale up. The royals came up with this advertisement campaign. They plaster the whole city with these pictures with one simple message: Keep Calm and Carry On.

Keep Calm because in a time of mergency you have to be responsible. If you freak out you will cause more problems than solutions. If a whole city freaks out they could attack people and the riot pack mentality could create devastatingdestruction on its own. If you can keep calm and keep people calm you can leade them and you can help them and that was the point of the first part of this message the government put out.

Carry on. Carry on in the English vernacular means just be good with everything that’s going on. Be okay with whatever is happening. Carry on and do what you normally would do on an everyday basis. In essence, don’t worry about the bombs and act like nothing’s happening.  Its all good.

Listening to stories  From the people that were there, it’s an amazing story. In the middle of 10 bombing runs today, the entire city carried on just like normal. The planes came, the people went into the shelters, the bombs dropped Nd exploded. And then people came out and they carried on.


Now suddenly there is a resurgence of this message…maybe there is something that is going on in the world and the viral people that they are trying to help everyone.

There are a lot of atrocities happening all over world right now. Bombs, destruction of rain forest, destruction of oceans, killing of people, destruction of countries, destruction of businesses, destruction of religion, destruction of everything that we know as well to be normal really. The papers, phones, and tv are full if it. Definitely need for the message worldwide.

So what can we do? We can keep calm and carry on. We can calmly look at all the problems and find the solutions going crazy. We can find real solutions and have real people do real things to end all the problems exist. By being calm and not just freaking out on every single atrocity that we see we can find the solutions that will stop the root of all problems. Guns bombs they are not things that are needed to be stopped. We need to stop the viewpoints and ideas that allow these items to be used for mass destruction.

Computer not falling behind in intelligence or test course. We’re falling behind by not value mean our teachers, are educators, are libraries, or even our ancestors. Actually most of the people who hold the stories of our life and our family history are locked in assisted iving facilities because we don’t want to deal with them.

Finally, we have to carry on. We cannot focus on the past. We cannot focus on what the future might be like. You to focus on what we can do right now to reinvent the future. To reinvent the future in a more positive way. How are we going to carry on into his 21st century as peaceful calm a positive, helpful people. How are we going to be protectors of our planet, our people, and all animals. We as a human race must carry on…but not blindly. No! We have walked blind long enough. We must open our eyes and realize we can make Nd create positive change in our world. We are the creaters of a new world, and we will carry on into a future of peace Nd happiness.


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