I am happy because i choose to be happy. I am happiness because happiness is me. I am content with what i have because what I have is all that I need right now. When I may need more, my actions right now will create what I need. I love because love is the answer to all things. Love and be loved. In the end…there is no way to happiness, contentment, or love…for these thoughts or feelings are not things to have but to know you already have them. When you find happiness in all things and experiences. When you are content with all things as they pass on by into a new future full of wonder and excitement. When you are in love with the idea of living..love will become a normal feeling and you will wonder why we kept it away from so many. Love all people as your children. When this happens you find that you have so much to give. You have so so much ability to create positive change. Why wait…do it now.


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