5 habits of happy people

When you walk through this world…we can get bogged down with the constant onslaught of negativity. It’s amazing how much is spewed forth on a daily basis.

Right now, as I sit here in this restaurant typing, the fire hose of negativity washes over me:

Lady in the corner talking to her husband: “Yeah, now we’re going to have to listen to your sisters nonsense all day. We have to listen to how she hates all of the stuff she owns. Then there’s that horrible price we got our car for, like that’s the real price. They saw us coming. Don’t get me started on…”

The TV is on, and I watch everyone stuff food in their mouths as they blindly watch: “Bombers had more targets.” “Woman murdered by husband” “Man robbed store then stole car from elderly lady.”

This is just a small teaspoon of the negativity all around me…but I am happy.   How?

Happy people are always:

1. Deciding to be happy.

This is the number one habit of all happy people. Happiness is a choice. Happy people simply choose to be happy. They simply choose to find happiness in every moment that they are alive. They look to their inner world, and think about all the reasons they should be happy. The Tao te Ching states that “There is no way to happiness, Happiness is the way.” That’s the key…just smile, smile big, smile large, smile because you are happy. Tell yourself…I’m happy and I’m happy I’m happy!

2. Being Thankful

Happy people are thankful. Not just thankful that they won the lottery, or thankful that they were given a prize. No! Thankful about everything.  Ricky Robert III  author and creator of the company You Are Valued  said recently at a book release party that he, “wakes up every morning, and before he places his feet on the floor, he says how thankful he is for waking up, the sun, the bed, and his life.” Ricky is one of the happiest peopel I know. These happy people look at a traffic jam and say: Thankful for giving me a moment to reflect on my situation right now. Happy people look at the world and see it not as a place of destruction, but a place to be thankful for. Thankful for their life, their breath, their skin, their friends, and everything that happens to them.

3. Focusing on NOW!

Happy people focus on what is going on right now. They’re not focusing on what will happen, and what might happen, or what has the possibility to happen….these are all unknowns. They’re not focusing on what happened when they were a kid, what their parents did or didn’t do to or with them, what happened in the past to upset them. They focus on what’s going on now, and then they celebrate it by being present enough to enjoy it. I can’t tell you how many parents I see that let these precious moments of their child’s life slip by as they focus on updating their facebook status instead of playing with them. There are amazxing things happening right now…be there, and smile as it happens

4. Not concerned with money

I’m not saying that happy people don’t care about money. We live in a world where money is essential to do many things, pay bills, etc. However, happy people are not focused on what money they have, what money they don’t have, or what bills are or are not getting paid. If you have enough money to live and fullfill your “needs”, you really don’t need much more. Unfortunately, people create an idea that they “need” a lot of “things” , and then wrap their whole lives around accumulating or paying off those things.  They they create emotions about those “things”.  After that, they focus on accumulating more and more money..just in case they will “need” more things in a future that they don’t even know will ever show up.  Interesting enough, if you have money to pay a bill..then you pay it. But if you don’t have money to pay the bill..there’s no reason to worry..it will do nothing!

5. Accepting and Understanding

Happy people spend a lot of their time accepting and understanding. When you accept that a situation has happened, then you don’t create any emotions connected to it. It just happens, and then you decide what to do. When someone is angry about something or at you, a happy person will strive and look to understand why the person is angry. People become angry, upset, and bothered because they have created a thought that this moment is not how they “pictured” it, therefore they are using the only way they know how to create their own happiness. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to deal with this frustration in any way but anger. A happy person, realizes this…and will help the upset person to connect to their happiness. When we strive to accept that things are, and that they are not done “to us”..we see that things just happen..because they are happening. When we understand that everyone in the world is striving for their own happiness…we see that there are a lot of people who don’t know that it is already inside of them.

Happiness is a goal…and the more happiness you see in your life and yourself, the more happy you will be.

Be Happy




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