No matter what…life is beautiful


Ask a cancer whk after treatment after treament,  hospital after hospital, they just gor a clean bill of health.


Ask a person sitting in their car on the side of the road after 4 cars and a semi somehow missed them in a rush hour trafic crash.


Ask a patient that suddenly found out that the clot in their lung that gave her 24 hours to live, has suddenly dissolved.


Ask a mother and father 2 hours after the birth of their 1st, or 5th for that matter, child.


Ask a parent who was about to overdraw their account just so their family could eat, and then received their groceries paid for by a good samaritain.


Ask a downs gentleman who has only ever wanted to ride on the back of a fire truck, as he swings on the handle onthe back as it droves by.


Ask the strugling student who has to pass a class to graduate, when the teacher says…you passed.


Ask a great grand mother as she sits at a park and watches her daughter, grand-daughter, and great-grand-daughter play in the park.


Life is such a wonderful precious gift kama we don’t have to wait for some moment, amazing act of kindness, or medical miracle to realize this. Every second, minute, hour, day that we are allowed to live on this great planet of ours is a gift. A gift that has been given to us for this one moment, in order to continue on the process of creating a better world.

It’s more then obvious that since the beginning of humanity human race has become better and better and better. Every since show on the Discovery Channel called mankind showed that we were a race of violent, mysoginistic, war mongers bent on power and destruction.

However, i looked at this series in a very different way. Yes, the depiction if violence was horrid and grotesque, and probably focused on more because of the ratinga and polularity of violence. But…if you watched andr looked closely, you saw the human race constantly striving to make things better, easier, and able to help more peolple in each generation. In fact, humankinds has been evolving into a more gentile, peaceful group for years now.

Therefore, the goal of our lives is to increase the positivity and togetherness of the world population. Pay attention to the history. We have been creating new ways to.communicate and help everyone for centuries.


Your sole purpose is to push this amazing plan forward by helping all people and creating positive change by helping eliminate the problems of our world.

THAT is how important your life is. THAT is how important YOU are!

In essence:



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