Are you amazing?


Are you amazing?

Ive asked hundreds and hudreds (but not thousands) this simple question to people from all sorts of ages and walks of life.

Are you amazing?

The answers I get would amaze you. Here are a few examples:

“No, i don’t think so.”
“Not as amazing as some people.”
“Not like mother theresa or something.”
“I could do a lot more, i just don’t have the time.”
“Im just a mom”
“Im just a kid”
“If you consider amazing finishing _________(enter name of video game here)”
“I dont know..i guess..i mean im an athlete.”
“My fans and audience members think i am.”
“My customers do”

Time and time again people just dont see themselves as amazing. They dont see the value in themselves at all. Because of this pervasive viewpoint of people’s selves…it has caused some to theorize that this idea or viewpoint is actually not a normal way of thinking. In fact, theh say the human brain doez not naturally think that it is amazing.

I pondered this for a moment and went to pre-school. If toddlers and 4s thought of themselves in terms of amazing, we would destroy the idea above. But even the toddler world, we’d have to say that they havent picked anything up(ie..before societal and cultural teaching began). All of them thought they were amazing.

So is there an age where we dont see ourselves as amazing?

On the conttary, a wise woman told me that we don’t see ourselves as amazing when there is more things that have gone wrong than right, especially plans we have made to prove soemthing.”

But wait…why is it important to see ourselves as amazing?  Why do I care so much? Its simple. If you don’t see yourself as amazing, you strive and focus on yourself constantly looking for ways to improve yourslf in any way…striving for “amazing” but never getting to where they see it, believe it, or even think of uttering the idea. You begin to look for the value of yourself in “things” and “stuff”…this leads to a spiral of never being happy with yourself or the world and people around you. This turns into a very thing focused self centered negative existence that leaves you constantly searching for a happiness and value that will never come.

I dont want this kind of life for you or anybody.

Not only that…if you cant see yourself as amazing, you will not want to or believe YOU can create positive change. This is the situation many many people are in everyday. They can’t envision they themselves creating positive change or for changing the world at all for that matter.  This turns into comments like:

“Of course i want to help, but i cant do anything.”
“What can one person do?”
“Im not smart/good/inspirational/etc to make a difference”
“Im not one of those types of people.”

When we have created thoughts that limit the value of outselves…we cant help others. This is why its so important to me – we can’t begin to change the world to be more positive if you cant believe in yourself.

You are an amazing person! No matter what people have told you, you have amazing abilities. Abilities that people are waiting to see, to be affected bym and those abilities when used correctlg, can create lositive change and begin the first steps to create positive change.

You ARE amazing!
You ARE amazing!
You ARE amazing!

I believe in you, and I believe you are amazing!


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