There’s an old Chinese saying: yesterday has passed, tomorrow is a mystery, but today it’s a gift that’s why its called the present.

We get this present only once. We get this gift, this now, only once-  so we must do all we can to create A beautiful world in this moment. We cannot worry about what will happen in the future. The only constant is change, and I guarantee the future will be different then now. But it will reflect everything that you do in this moment. So in this moment we must create positive change, a positive world, what kind of world what you want to see.

Hey friend of mine needed a big favor that will last for many many months. all of the people she has asked want to charge her money for it. I told her I’d be happy to help her. When she asked how much I wanted, I said nothing because this is what neighbors, friends, humans do for each other. It is a sign of humanity to help our fellow humans.

A dear loved one of mine was just given a diagnosis and a surgery date that will disrupt, reinvent, and change the way that my entire family does things. When I say my family, I mean me and the kids. Her sister, her friend, and she all broke down crying. Their hearts and faces filled with fear and sadness.

I looked around and noticed the nurses, the doctors, the cars driving down the road, the people going to work, in the little kids going to school we’re all carrying on with your day. At that moment, I realized their perception-the others who heard this news- was causing this reaction. Perception is reality.

I asked why they were crying. The reasons streamed forth laced with thoughts of the future, and projected future events. Then came a whole list of what ifs.

Theres no gurantee for a tomorow. Therea no known future. Everything good tarot card reader in future teller will say the same thing, they can only see proposed realities.

I explained that this was happy,it was just a little bump in the road. A drip in the bucket…but we have to live moment to moment, second by secon, now by now-in the gift ( ths present). Im still sming bout all of this.

2 stories and timed when we need to just be in the now. This is where we be…live here with me…you already do…but youre worrying and what if (ing) right past it. Happiness is available to all of is wrapped in the now and so many look past it thinking about a future they dont know will or will not exist and a past that is gone.

How do you stay in the now or in the presenf?


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