Caution-negativity is everywhete




Negativity is everywhere. Its around every corner, its in all of our media and our places of relaxation. Its in the conversation you have with your loved ones and your best friends. Its on the radio, in the books, and obviously embedded in most of the games we play.  Its everywhere and all over.

We have been taught that negativity in all its forms is normal.

What forms you ask?

1. Violence (always a good place to start)

There is NEVER EVER a positive form of violence. All violence is a lack of acceptance and understanding. Even if the outcomevis favorable to you or your view of thought, it was at the cost of lives and injury.

This speaks to all forms of violence including but not limited to: hiting, bullying, physical abuse, verbal abuse, mental abuse, killing, and destructction.

When we witness or are victim to creates negativity in us. Dont allow that to happen. Just watching this type of violence (in.y person or on media) affects our mental positivity.

2. Anger, hate, annoyance

These are all examples of nonaceptance and lack of understanding.

Just like a diet full if salt, fat, and fried food…a diet of negativity will hurt us. Look out for the negativity…and when you see it coming-step aside. Make sure its not comimg in.

Eliminate negativity from your life…when you do you open the door for happines, love, amd joy.

Yes, this will force you to change many things in your life…thats ok. These are changes you probably needed to make anyway. If causes you to eliminate people from your life, this is not your fault they choose negativity over you. You are choosing positivity over like killing negativity.

The number one wat to eliminate negativity is to increase positivity and aceptance in everything you do. Accept others and the things they do, and strive to undrstand why they do it…instead of adding negativity(anger, etc).

In the end,.your life will look very very djfferent…with A LOT more elation, joy, and happiness!


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