Watch “Ron Gutman: The Hidden Power of the Smile”

The smile is such a powerful tool we can use. Its amazing how uplifting and healing a smile can be. It can cure diseases, solve world problems, and even change world events.

One of the greatest ways we can create positive change is with a smile. Join me in creating positive change by smiling more than not, and giving everyone your smile.

This video shows just how important a smile truly is!

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Daily dose of motivation…homebound friend

Drive someone who is homebound out to the doctor, the store, or even just to the park.

There are so many people who are completely homebound. If you took a small amount of time out of your day and just drove them somewhere they would love to go, or need to go, for that matter you’d make a major difference in their life. Many people just arent able to walk or drive..and they feel like prisoners in their own home. You have the ability to change that.