Hospitals and heart bypass

To all of my followers and friends –

The goal and purpose of this blog, like my motivational speaking,  is to motivate and inspire people to change the world in a positive way.

However…life has got in the way and I havent posted much in the past few days. My wife went into the hospital and has to have bypass surgery. There have been a lot of situations and the surgery keeps being put off.

This has shown me an amazing side of the world, humanity, and the need for 100% positivity. In the next days I will share with you the amazing positivie experiences I have either brought about because of my positive attitude or the happiness that has been created by others.

Please stay tuned for all the amazing stories. Thank you for keeping up the amazing positive change you are helping create in our world

Daily dose of motivation…parking meter

Put some change in someone’s parking meter.

Parking meters are necessary evils in many of the cities of the world. We’ve all got a ticket because our meter ran out. If you’re walking down the street and you happen to have a dime or quarter put it in a parking meter that is running out of time or just put it in the parking meter to add some time. That’s more time. Its just a few dimes, Nichols, quarters to you, but the person who just got saved from a parking ticket it is worth in some cities up to 250 to 300 dollars. They will be extremely grateful and thankful. It will renew their faith in humanity as well as create positve change.

This is how we can begin to create positive change in our world.