Happiness everywhere


It always amazes me how there is happiness everywhere. Every single moment in every single time in every single thing that has ever and will ever happen to you has a piece or moment of happiness in it. You just have to find it. Sadly, we have been hot to worry and creative ideas about a future that we don’t even know we’ll ever exist. The reality is, there is only right now at this moment. All the worry and what if games that we play are worrying and creating some sort of reality based on a future that hasn’t even happened yet.

Happiness is eroded minute by minute hot as normal to eliminate happiness and instead replace it with worrying teen and a negative view point of whatever is happening right now based on the idea of what will happen.

Nothing is either bad or good those are just the judgments in perspective of how we see it and how we are putting our feelings on to that moment.

Look at the picture of the top of this post. This is the top off my portable peanut butter cup. I love peanut butter. You never know when you’ll have an opportunity to eat something with peanut butter. I should stop too many many people and they looked at it and said, ” that’s just the top of the peanut butter, that’s all.

I, however, turn my head to the left and found that I was looking at a smiley face. Thats right..right there on my pb cup. I smiled, I was happy, because about moment I realized that something was telling me to smile. Sometimes we need this reminder. So look around wherever you are , whatever you’re doing, and look for those little reminders that if we just smile- happiness is there.

What things do you see that remind you that the world isnt bad, its more positive, and you need to smile?

Daily Dose of Motivation…porch newspaper

Bring a neighbor’s newspaper up to the porch

It always amazes me how the very little things change so many people’s lives. It’s amazing how the very little things help so many people…and people are so amazed that you have done it for them.

My daughter and I were walking down the street and I saw a Sunday newspaper sitting on the driveway, almost next to the street. I picked it up and walked it up to the door. On my way, I found two unopen cans of coke, so I picked those up and took them up there as well.  I set the newspaper and cokes on the step and begin walking away. A shirtless man came out holding back a slobbering rottweiler.

“What do you think you’re doing on my property BOY”, he screamed at me.

“Just bringing up your paper. I thought you’d like to have it on your front porch rather than on the road.”

He looked down, smiled, thanked me, and since that day…he has been amazingly nice to my kids. Giving them rides on one of the many motorized toys her’s accumulated over the years.