Daily Dose of Motivation…porch newspaper

Bring a neighbor’s newspaper up to the porch

It always amazes me how the very little things change so many people’s lives. It’s amazing how the very little things help so many people…and people are so amazed that you have done it for them.

My daughter and I were walking down the street and I saw a Sunday newspaper sitting on the driveway, almost next to the street. I picked it up and walked it up to the door. On my way, I found two unopen cans of coke, so I picked those up and took them up there as well.  I set the newspaper and cokes on the step and begin walking away. A shirtless man came out holding back a slobbering rottweiler.

“What do you think you’re doing on my property BOY”, he screamed at me.

“Just bringing up your paper. I thought you’d like to have it on your front porch rather than on the road.”

He looked down, smiled, thanked me, and since that day…he has been amazingly nice to my kids. Giving them rides on one of the many motorized toys her’s accumulated over the years.



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