Daily Dose of Motivation….chicken soup

Take someone some chicken soup when they are sick.

There’s a reason that the best selling books by Jack Canfield is called Chicken Soup for the soul. Chicken soup makes people feel better , except if you’re vegetarian…then vegetable broth is awesome, feel nicer, and fee greater.When someone recieves a nice hot bowel of soup it makes them happy…period!

You don’t have to know the person, you don’t have to live in the same neighborhood…you just have to know that you’d like to give those people some soup to make them feel better. Go to a hospital on a day off and find out what people are able to have soup..and bring it to them. If a neighbor is sick, knock on the door with some soup-they will open and accept your offer, and you will create a friend and enliven their spirit.

This is a beautiful way to create and motivate for positive change.



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