Thank you for making me feel better

Positivity is warm like a morning cup with your loved one

Positivity is warm like a morning cup with your loved one

I left the hospital after 6 hours of holding my wife’s hand as she threw up, gasped for breath, and clutched at her heart. I know if my heart that everything always goes to the most common good. It’s guaranteed!

See, everything that happens to us in this world just happens. We decide if it is good or bad, but everything is definitely happening for a reason, and towards the greatest good. The greatest good is a concept that many people are not ok with because it’s not going their way. Many people in this world see the world through the perspective of “ME”. If things are going the way “ME” wants, then things are seen as good. When things are going contrary to the way “ME” wants, things are going bad. Good, bad, things just are.

Knowing this, and watching it happen many times…I pushed the elevator button. The elevator was oddly slow, and when the doors opened and elderly couple (70 or 80’s) were standing there with a very perplexed look on their face. I smiled at them and asked if they were going down. They told me they weren’t quite sure where they were going, and they had been on that elevator for about 20 minutes going up and down.

You giving someone a happy day, can create amazing happiness.

You giving someone a happy day, can create amazing happiness.

I got on the elevator, and before pushing a button asked where they were trying to go. The lady explained that they were just looking for the lobby but couldn’t seem to get to the right floor. They went to B where they thiought would be the lobby because it is in their home hospital, but it wasn’t. They tries the second floor, but the elevator was called to the 5th where a number of doctors and nurses entered going to multiple floors. When it got to the second floor, that was where they met me.

I explained that the 1st floor was the lobby and we exited to the lobby doors. They asked why I was there, and I explained that my wife came in with a heart attack, and now she has a 92% blockage in the main artery of her heart. She needed bypass surgery. Both of them were shocked that a woman who was only 48 would be going through such a devastating surgery. The woman begin to cry, and her husband held her tighter. Then he cleared his throat and told me he was very sorry.

I smiled, “There’s no reason to be sorry…but I am very thankful for your empathy. Remember, everything goes to the common good, everything. Even if we don’t understand how it all works, or whether or not it works the way we “want” it to…it’s still going towards the way things are suppose to be. Remember, it’s not bad or good…it just is. Right now, it seems to be difficult with all the problems that are going on, but in reality it’s getting better all the time. The best part is that we are walking out of this place, and there are many who never will..or just can’t right now – like my wife. I’m just thankful for all of the things that are going good in the world, and all of the things that are going good with and in me.”

wpid-CAM00467.jpgThey challenged me with a few thoughts with what ifs and worrying comments. Then I explained that right now…everything is good. We’ll deal with the future when it happens. But right now, everything is good! In fact, everything is always good…we just have to find that good.

The young lady smiled and said, “Thank you for making me feel better. Standing here in the sunshine, you’re right I am doing great! Everything in my body is doing what it is suppose to, and it has carried me for 82 years up to this moment. This man has been with me for 60 years, and I have a lovely life. When I was on that elevator I was so very scared and on the verge of tears the whole time. Now, because I met you…I know everything is going to be ok. See, they found a small peiece of cancer on my nose and they have to cut it off. I now know, everything is going to be great!”

I laughed – See they have to cut that cancer off because you’ve spent so much time lounging around with your life partner in the sun. Not bad of a consequence for a great relaxing time with those you love.

We all laughed and the gentleman gave his wife a great big kiss, the kind you see teenagers do behind school buildings right after the last bell. They walked away with a spring in their step, and a very happy outlook.

This is the ability we all have. We all have the ability to give these moments to all people. This si what motivating for positive change is, creating a positive world wherever you go. When I walk through this world, I look for ways to give others a happy day. The happiness is there, sometimes you just need some guy to walk up to you and show you it.

It is said that an Indian shaman stood looking at the horizon for 2 days before he could understand that what he was seeing was not clouds on the horizon, but boats with men on it. He didn’t have the perspective. I hope I can give all people the perspective. When I motivate for positive change, I’m merely showing you a different perspective!

See the happiness and positivity…in everything.

There i no good or bad, it just is. Might as well see everything as good.

There i no good or bad, it just is. Might as well see everything as good.



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