It’s never too late to do the right thing

I begin this post with this newspaper article. It’s a wonderful article:

This gentleman took his girlfriend to a great “fancy” restaurant. He impressed her, he smiled, and he loved showing her this grand time. However, when the bill came it was $40 more than he needed it to be. He asked the owner if he could please do something, and the owner took the money out of his own pocket and the couple walked out happily.

Years later, the same man came into the gentleman’s restaurant, and reminded him of the incident many years ago. He thanked him, and gave him $100 as a pay back.

This story reminds us that there is never a time that is too late to do the right thing.

Back a few years ago, I realized I had wronged a number of people in my past. So, I spent months finding their new phone numbers, facebooks, etc…and contacted each and every person I had decided that I had wronged in some way. I found out that many of the people had no idea that they were wronged, or that they had “got over it”. After a few days, and when they allowed it to sink in…suddenly, they began contacting ME. The stories that came back to me were phenomenal…they were flabbergasted!! They couldn’t believe someone actually tried to apologize, or even make things right for something that had happened before.

What I found out is that, just by my reaching out…I systematically begin changing their lives for the positive. When we do things unconsciously and make a mistake…we have to be upfront, and try to make it right. We must work to correct things. The more we strive to do the right thing, the more we work towards creating a world based on positivity than negativity.

Then when we create and do the right thing to complete strangers…that’s when you begin to create positive change. Positive change…it’s in the word. We must constantly strive to create positive change. Go out and say hello…greet people saying..How Good are you doing, or I hope your day is going great. It changes people’s outlook, and their world. When you can show people that they are worth the time, and that you see the right thing as being humane and happy..they will take that example as well. Suddenly, you’re motivating for positive change.

So how do I do it? I motivate for positive change on a daily basis. If I’m not on stage or in front of a group motivating for positive change, I’m walking the earth going about my day to day activities…motivating for positive change. Creating positive change with every word that comes out of my mouth, and every person that crosses my path. No matter how brief of an encounter, I try to give them a happy day….because when people see that there is positivity out there, they strive to be more positive as well!


How To Create a Wellness Program in The Workplace

When we create a wellness program for the people we work with, we are creating and amazing gift for our coworkers, friends, anybody who participates. We show them that we care so much about them, that we actually want them to live longer and be happier. Its a proven fact that the more healthy you are, the more happy you become. This is creating positive change, and developing a momentum that continues for as long as they keep it up.

As Happsters, we know that there is no greater joy than spreading happiness to others.  It is particularly rewarding to spread happiness in places where happiness is usually spread thin.  Where does the majority of the world spend their time and begrudgingly so?  The workplace.

Kelli and I are lucky enough to work for IDEA Health and Fitness Association, a company that truly cares for the health and happiness of its employees.  After all, there are countless studies correlating health and happiness, so as a health and fitness association we want to practice what we preach!  I would like to share simple ways to improve your happiness and the happiness of your coworkers by creating a Wellness Program where you work.

It starts from the top.

First and foremost, enlist the backing of someone in charge.  This person does not have to participate in the Wellness Program, he or…

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Top 5 Happy Songs

This blog is chalk full of happiness. this post isbone of thosevpositivity recharge posts…enjoy.

Hi Happsters! This is one of my favorite happiness quotes: “Most people are about as happy as they make their minds up to be.” – Abraham Lincoln.

Music can have an effect on your mood and happiness, so I asked the Happster community to tell me their favorite happy songs. Here are the top 5 happy songs:

top 5 happy songs

1. Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin

2. You Are My Sunshine by  Jimmie Davis and Charles Mitchell

3. You’re All The World To Me by Tony Bennett

4. 93 Million Miles by Jason Mraz

5. Top Of The World by The Carpenters

If you had to choose one song that makes you happy, what would it be?

Hope you have a happy weekend!

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Daily dose of motivation…block party

Organize a neighborhood block party

I know what you’re saying…a block party?  I’m not into parties, etc.

However, block parties are what you decide they are. I’ve thrown block parties for toddlers, and placed a bunch of toddler toys in the street, juice boxes all over the place, and a bunch of teddy grahms….and the kids loved it.

Another idea…a literary block party where everyone creates their own library, and everyone brews coffee and swaps books. It’s a library block party.

This brings neighbors and people together. It creates a community…and not only that, it creates friendship and comradery.

If we all did just a small get together like this…imagine the positive change we could create in the world. It could become a movement.

Heart rocks and smiley faces

h smileyA number of years ago I was driving the same hum drum drive that I always drove. Down this street, left on this street, down this other street, right on this street, and you’re there. However, something was different this time…they were building a new building. It didn’t mean much to me…just another building taking away homes for animals that use to live in the vacant lot. Every time a building goes up, I always think about lines of refugees having to leave so that the humans can cling to more progress.

h smiley2However, when the building went up I was amazed!  There were smiles all over it. Now, I don’t think they planned it..but there they were. Each section of the building had 2 big rectangular windows, and directly below them was this decorative sash thing. When you looked at it…it was a smiley face. This building was full of smiley faces…wow!!! Wow!!! Suddenly, the hum drum drive turned into a happy drive. I had a constant reminder to smile. This 1 building changed a lot of things for me. I pointed it out to everyone I knew, and they either laughed at me or just looked at me strange. However, nobody could deny the fact that…they now knew the building was smiling at them! I walked into the building and asked the employees if they knew about their optimistic building. Sudenly, I had all the employees outside looking at their buiding..adn an amazing thing happened…they began smiling too. Honest to god Smiles!

Smiles are everywhere you just have to look for them.

Smiles are everywhere you just have to look for them.

Since that moment I have looked for smiles and smiling faces in the natural world. Wow…I have seen many. There are smiles all over the place. There’s smiles in trees, there are smiles in the clouds, and if you look carefully…there are even smiles in people’s wrinkles. Speaking of wrinkles…you do realize that wrinkles are only reminders of where smiles have been!

Then very recently, I began following a blog called Hunting for Bliss.  

The young lady who writes the blog does all sorts of amazing cool things, but one of the things I think are the neatest is that she searches for “Heart Rocks”.  You have to check out the blog and the amazing pictures that she has Just reading this blog will make you a happier person…through funding bliss in her life, she is putting out that bliss for others.  So, what are heart rocks?

Heart Rocks are rocks that you find naturally that looks like a heart. These rocks are found everywhere! These heart rocks are in every section of the world, and every place in the world. People have found them in every section of the globe, from the arctic to the antarctic. From the south seas to, Africa, to Europe and in North America. These things are even found on the moon. All you have to do is look. For a plethera of examples please go to the Hunting For Bliss blog. Here are a few examples I’ve found on the net…but they are by far not the only examples:

Hearts to remember love

Hearts to remember love


heart rock1



Naturally occurring to remember love exists

Naturally occurring to remember love exists


With these smiling faces and hearts all naturally occurring makes sense that mother nature/God/The Universe wants us to always remember that love is all encompassing. Love is everywhere, and love is the connective energy that connects us all. I’m not talking about the love someone feels for a milkshake, or the love people talk about that they feel for one another. I’m talking about the love that all humanity feels for the rest of humanity. The grand and unbelievable love that pours out when someone is in need, and 100 people come to their aid. The love we have that connects us to nature and all the natural things.

It’s also a reminder to be happy. Everything that happens to us doesn’t have to be seen as bad. It can be seen as good, happy, and wonderful…it’s all how we choose to see it. That’s why there are so many signs that are pointing us to be happy. Like my Smiley face building (that I still drive by and tell people about), these natural smiley faces are reminders to all of us that we need to smile, we need to be happy, and we need to see the happiness in everything.

So go out and find the heart rocks and discover the smiley faces that are all around us. The more you see them and find them…the more happy you are. The more happy and positive you are, the better the world will be.

Please post pictures of the rocks and smilyes that you find!

Make peace happen


I was walking through  a store and I saw the shirt. We see piece shirts all over the place comets kind of like the peace symbol and peace the word is trendy. It’s kind of need to think that piece is trendy, however, it’s the word and the symbol that is trendy not be striving towards the idea of Peace .

As a nonviolent educator, I’ll take whatever popularity: the word in the symbol of peace can get. It makes it a lot easier when everyone knows what the symbols are you just have to educate them about what it means. However, I come back to the shirt. You know what the shirt says? It says “MAKE peace happen”. There are a lot of things asking for peace, 113 peace, giving peace a chance, demanding peace, but never “making peace”.

This is a drastic shift in the nonviolent peace movement. Were no longer asking, wanting, or hoping for peace-its in our hands to create pracr, to make peace. It puts the ball in our priverbial court . It all comes down to the things we do, and the things we make  happen, and the actions and reactions that we cause to happen. This is Gandhi’s famous quote, ” be the change you want to see in the world’ to the next level. Gandhi’s quote asked us to change ourselves so that we are the example of how we want the world to be. Now, with the make peace happen movement, we not only teams are cells we work on changing the rest of our society, our country, our world into a more peaceful serene, accepting more positive world.

So i ask: how are you going to “make peace happen”