It’s never too late to do the right thing

I begin this post with this newspaper article. It’s a wonderful article:

This gentleman took his girlfriend to a great “fancy” restaurant. He impressed her, he smiled, and he loved showing her this grand time. However, when the bill came it was $40 more than he needed it to be. He asked the owner if he could please do something, and the owner took the money out of his own pocket and the couple walked out happily.

Years later, the same man came into the gentleman’s restaurant, and reminded him of the incident many years ago. He thanked him, and gave him $100 as a pay back.

This story reminds us that there is never a time that is too late to do the right thing.

Back a few years ago, I realized I had wronged a number of people in my past. So, I spent months finding their new phone numbers, facebooks, etc…and contacted each and every person I had decided that I had wronged in some way. I found out that many of the people had no idea that they were wronged, or that they had “got over it”. After a few days, and when they allowed it to sink in…suddenly, they began contacting ME. The stories that came back to me were phenomenal…they were flabbergasted!! They couldn’t believe someone actually tried to apologize, or even make things right for something that had happened before.

What I found out is that, just by my reaching out…I systematically begin changing their lives for the positive. When we do things unconsciously and make a mistake…we have to be upfront, and try to make it right. We must work to correct things. The more we strive to do the right thing, the more we work towards creating a world based on positivity than negativity.

Then when we create and do the right thing to complete strangers…that’s when you begin to create positive change. Positive change…it’s in the word. We must constantly strive to create positive change. Go out and say hello…greet people saying..How Good are you doing, or I hope your day is going great. It changes people’s outlook, and their world. When you can show people that they are worth the time, and that you see the right thing as being humane and happy..they will take that example as well. Suddenly, you’re motivating for positive change.

So how do I do it? I motivate for positive change on a daily basis. If I’m not on stage or in front of a group motivating for positive change, I’m walking the earth going about my day to day activities…motivating for positive change. Creating positive change with every word that comes out of my mouth, and every person that crosses my path. No matter how brief of an encounter, I try to give them a happy day….because when people see that there is positivity out there, they strive to be more positive as well!




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