Make peace happen


I was walking through  a store and I saw the shirt. We see piece shirts all over the place comets kind of like the peace symbol and peace the word is trendy. It’s kind of need to think that piece is trendy, however, it’s the word and the symbol that is trendy not be striving towards the idea of Peace .

As a nonviolent educator, I’ll take whatever popularity: the word in the symbol of peace can get. It makes it a lot easier when everyone knows what the symbols are you just have to educate them about what it means. However, I come back to the shirt. You know what the shirt says? It says “MAKE peace happen”. There are a lot of things asking for peace, 113 peace, giving peace a chance, demanding peace, but never “making peace”.

This is a drastic shift in the nonviolent peace movement. Were no longer asking, wanting, or hoping for peace-its in our hands to create pracr, to make peace. It puts the ball in our priverbial court . It all comes down to the things we do, and the things we make  happen, and the actions and reactions that we cause to happen. This is Gandhi’s famous quote, ” be the change you want to see in the world’ to the next level. Gandhi’s quote asked us to change ourselves so that we are the example of how we want the world to be. Now, with the make peace happen movement, we not only teams are cells we work on changing the rest of our society, our country, our world into a more peaceful serene, accepting more positive world.

So i ask: how are you going to “make peace happen”


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