Daily Dose of Motivation…..charity and nonprofits

Like and share Charity and Nonprofit facebook pages.

As you know, every organization has a facebook page. Think of all the causes that are near and dear to your heart…animals, poor, hungry, wounded soldiers, etc. There’s an organization that is working to help them. All you have to do is like the facebook page and you will begin to get the posts. Then share the posts and the page. Talk about the organizations on your status and in your comments on other people’s pages.

If there is a specific group that a friend would like…tag them or post it to their page…they WILL thank you for it.

By gaining recognition for these places and organizations, you are helping them out, helping the cause out, and helping everyone they are helping out. This is 1 simple way to create an unbelievable amazing positive difference in your world. When the comments come back to you, the positivity comes full circle.

Definitely a way of motivating for positive change!


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