See yourself as good as others do.

This video is a great example of how others see us in a great light, where we are either taught or told that we are different than we truly are. The reality is that we are a lot happier, more beautiful, and more amazing than we ever give ourselves credit for.

I tell my wife all the time that we are all trying to be just like you. She is a woman that can see the greatest in everyone else in the world except herself. She will give every person 7-15 chances, and even sees the beauty in others when no one else can see it. She smiles more than she frowns, and she strives to make everyone feel great. Yet, when she looks at herself she sees things that aren’t there. Her self talk is horrendous, and like many sees herself as so much less than she is.

Celebrate you!  You are an amazing point of light that is creating happiness and goodness. Love yourself as the greatest lover in the world. Know you are an immortal being simply having a temporary human experience!


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