Daily Dose of Motivation…Postive facebook

Create your Facebook, Twitter, etc into a positive page for all to see.

This is such a simple thing to do. Go out there and search for positive pages. Like and friend as many positive pages as your possibly can. It’s so very simple: Go to the search bar, put in the word positive or positive change or happiness or joyful. Any positive, feel good, word will do. Then, like and friend these pages. Suddenly your newsfeed will be flooded with positivity.

1st – You reading and seeing these things will create a little positive flower in your heart that will grow into a bouquet, a bushell, and then a whole positive flower garden.

2nd – You share these, and you will create that same positive flower in others.

3rd – They will share these as well…creating an unbelievable ripple effect of positivity.

4th – They will comment back to you…creating more positivity. The affects are infinite!

To see an example of this: check out my facebook page and friend me – Motivating positive change


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