There is no box

I overheard someone say today ”  I think outside the box ” there are many people who say this all the time. They see it as something spectacular, something that defines who they are.

I choose to believe that there is no box. If there was a box, that would mean there is some real rules and ways to be. There is none. The only one rule that there is, is to be happy, positive, and help out your fellow human beings to become better than they ever thought they could be. Imagine what that would be like kama everyone helping everybody to become better, 439, and more happy. Everyone helping to make sure that everyone had enough to eat, enough water, enough love, and enough of everything they need put they can reach the highest potential. That is the end result of the positive change that I’m speaking of, that I am working to create in our world.

As far as the box: I create my own box. A box that has infinite walls and that is infinitely big that creates positive change that it is naturally made to do.

Revel in your differences, level in your uniqueness, but never forget on how great you are and how high you can up lift everyone that crosses your path.


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