Daily dose of motivation….box tops

box topsCut out and donate box tops.

You’ve seen these things. There are boxtops that are on all sorts of products and merchandise. All it takes is to cut out these little squares and put them in a bag. When you’re driving by a school…take your bag and drop off the box tops.

Every box top is worth $1. Lets say you buy your normal groceries…I guarantee you have 10 box tops in there somewhere. If you buy groceries twice a month…that’s $20 for that school. If 20 people did this, your neighborhood school could have $400 just because you took the time to cut out these little squares of cardboard.

Daily dose of motivation…post it notes

Write good/positive messages on post it notes and put them in public places.

You’re sitting on a public toilet. Where are you going to look? The back of the door. The toiletpaper dispenser.

You’re a man and you’re standing in front of an urinal. Where are you going to look. At the wall in front of the urinal. The little shelf on the urinal.

You’re standing in a dressing room. Where are you going to look. The mirror. The hook where you set your clothes.

You’re driving down the road and get to a stop sign. Where are you going to look. At the stop sign.

These are all public places where people look every day. Grab a pack of post it notes and start writing positive messages. Put these positive message notes everywhere you can. Everywhere people look, they will see positivity. This positive wave of notes and messages will reach more than you know…especially if someone takes a picture of it and posts it on social media somewhere.