Daily dose of motivation….box tops

box topsCut out and donate box tops.

You’ve seen these things. There are boxtops that are on all sorts of products and merchandise. All it takes is to cut out these little squares and put them in a bag. When you’re driving by a school…take your bag and drop off the box tops.

Every box top is worth $1. Lets say you buy your normal groceries…I guarantee you have 10 box tops in there somewhere. If you buy groceries twice a month…that’s $20 for that school. If 20 people did this, your neighborhood school could have $400 just because you took the time to cut out these little squares of cardboard.


1 Comment

  1. I’m pretty sure they’re only worth 10 cents per box top, but thanks for letting people know about this. Our school really needs the donation we get every year from Box Tops for Education. It’s a great program. Some programs, like the Campbell Soup labels, let you shop for items in a catalog. But Box Tops gives you the straight cash donation so it’s much more versatile.

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