Waiting for an ambulance

I was the next person to go at a green light. I saw the ambulance about half a block away I knew I had to stop. The ambulance roared by with sirens blaring and going as fast as they could possibly cross that intersection. I thought about the many relatives of mine that I’ve had to ride ambulance, mm any family members they didn’t come back after that ride. I thought about the families waiting for that ambulance to arrive, and the families who have lost people at the end of those ambulance rides. How could I not stop? How could I slow down a life-saving situation?

So I stopped. Not that moment I looked up and saw the formation of clouds. At the moment I watched a palm tree waving the breeze and realize that every part of the palm tree with moving independently and yet all part of the same palm tree. The palm tree actually explained the metaphysics of Zen Buddhism.

Then I looked in the rear mirror and saw the driver behind me. They were yelling so loud that I cod almsot hear them. But sound wasn’t what got me, it was their face. Their face with construed and contorted into an expression of pure anger and distress. I can almost feel the stress, the anger, the ones to hurt and destroy and it was all a month at me. Everyone of us has been there at some point.

That’s ok. This is how we were taught to deal with someone impedeing their proposed view of going forward. But at this moment we are also have a gift kama a guest of realization. That realization happens when you stop and realize: its all good .

Everything that’s happening to you right now its all good. You been stopped at this moment and this part of time for reason, you have to find that reason. Take a moment, relax, and find out why you were stopped at this moment in time to reflect. Look around. Think about what happened in the very recent past, maybe you need to make some decisions.

Just happens when you deny that you are where you are right now. When you want to be in the future so bad that you forget that you are sitting here right now, you stress out in becoming gree. Just stop. Just sit. Think about what you need to do now. You’ll find that moment very well might be the greatest gift you’ve ever received.




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