Daily dose of motivation…elderly planting

Help and elderly or disabled neighbor plant flowers or a garden.

Elderly people and the disabled sit in their houses 80-90% of the time. They sit and watch tv or look out the window. Wouldn’t it be awesome to look out and see a whole bed of flowers or beautiful fauna?

Talk to your neighbor or neighbors and ask them what they would like to see, or if they would like something like this at all. If they would, get a plan together as to exactly what the person would want. Then gather some neighbors and friends to make this happen. It doesn’t take a lot of people or money to improve someone’s view of the world. Especially for someone who currently doesn’t have a view. You could even make planter boxes and grow some flowers for someone who doesn’t have a yard.

When you are done, and you see their face; no matter how much work went into it, it’s always a great feeling! When you create positive change like this, you affect everyone who worked with you, everyone who watched you, and the person as their family as well.



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