So important

It’s so important for every single one of us to pick a cause that we truly believe in. Diseases, violence, equality, gay rights, straight right, racial lines, dogs need to be saved, cats that need to be saved, diseases, cancers all of them, so many diseases that need research, domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, food banks, hospital, churches, nonprofits, child abuse, use, save the earth, climate change, organic food, the stuff they put in our food, and so much more. These are all amazing causes that we totally need to be taking care of. We need to have speeches and letters written for them, they need to have someone to stand on the street corners asking for money and yelling at the top of their lungs that something needs to be done to correct this injustice.

You are that person.

You are that woman.

You are that man.

You are the one that can do amazing things. You are the change maker. You are the creator of the dreams the dreamers are dreaming. Most causes only need one person to believe in them with their whole heart, and that one person will gather an army of people that will create mass positive change.

That person is you!


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