School of fish


A school of fish is an interesting dynamic. What a leaders, the losers, will be at the end and nobody at the beginning. Everybody has a general idea of where everybody’s going, and everybody’s photos other person in that general direction. There’s never a jockying or competition to see who is going to be leader, or a conversation about who’s the loser is – there is just the collective all working towards a common goal. What’s really interesting is win the school of fish find food they work together to make sure there’s food for everybody.

When we go about creating positive change, there are so many ways that you can go about doing that. There are so many causes that you can invest your time with. There’s so many things that you can do to promote it called her of acceptance and understanding albeit a very radical different view then our current culture and society. Pretty positive change in the plethora of ways but it is able to go about doing that, we all are working towards the same goal. That goal is to create a more prosperous, nonviolent, and more happy societyand culture than the one we live in now.

As long as you’re not hurting someone or disrespecting someone color no matter what you do is creating positive change. In my speech is in my blog I lay out a myriad of ideas that every single person that reads this for Sears me can do to create positive change. Is anyone better than the other – no. Positive changes positive change call meh happiness bring about happiness, positivity bring about positivity, and violence and negativity will create violence violence and negativity. Hey what’s up with people that live around me yo scream and her people, because the positivity that I’ve shown them they always greet me with a kind word kama a kind gesture end no negativity. As much as I talk to them about stopping the negativity things he does seem to be back from all the people around except myself my family. So therefore I continue giving it back.

Create positive change. The possible tomorrow starts with the actions that you do today.


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