I was awarded the Shine on Award


I spend my days working very hard to create more and more ways to create positive change. I work to get more and more people to see the possibilities in themselves, and in the world around them. I work to show everyone where the key to happiness is, and how to unlock it inside of themselves. I work to get as many people as possible to choose a cause, and do something to help that cause out.

I do all of this to change the world. (Also, since this IS my full time job, I’d like to get enough to pay the bills and feed my family as well. Yes, I live very very simply..because I like to, and I don’t HAVE TO make A LOT. The kids are only kind of ok with this…I hope that they look back and realize what a difference Mom and Dad made in this world)

heart rock1I do all of this so that at the end, I can look into MY children’s and the children of the world’s eyes and say: “I left this world better than when I came into it. And I hope that the ripples I’ve made carry on to make your world a lot better place than mine was.”

Then suddenly, someone recognizes me for my efforts and my contribution to the world. Wow. Terkinn.wordpress.com actually awarded me the “Shine On” award. Actually seeing me in the light of someone who is shinning their light into the world, to make this world a better place. It’s the small things that make my life amazing: a student telling me that he is going to go back to school because of what I said, a man organizing a campaign to end people’s suffering, a person reposting my blogs to inspire others, and being awarded an award to tell everyone that I’m making a difference in the world! Wow..Thank You.

Thank You Terry at Bullying Prevention for nominating me…please remember your amazingness shines on to all who read your post.

1. I have always and will always love the Peanuts comic strip. The strip is social and cultural commentary that is still valid to this day. Though we have lost Sparky (Charles Schultz in 2000) his legacy, his humor, and his wisdom lives on. In fact, Fantagrpahic Books is putting out an entire 1950-2000 reprint of his strip. 2. Of the strip..Snoopy is my favorite. Snoopy is never what he is “suppose to” be. He is what he chooses to be. He is what he wants to be. And though he lives in a human world, he defies and redefines what it is to be a person. Not only that, whenever he masquerades as something else he is always “the world famous”, or “the greatest”, or the “amazing”…never just an ordinary person livign day to day. What if we all saw ourselves this way. 3. I grew up on the streets of war torn Southern California, where I counted gunshots to go to sleep. I was shot at at the age of 6, and multiple times then on in my front yard. I watched peopel get killed on my school campus, and in the streets of my neighborhood. I lived in an abusive household, and saw some sort of violence every moment in my life. 4. I list myself as a Visionary, because I can envision a world and a life without violence, in full equality, and surrounded by positivity. I have always been able to see the good and positive in every aspect of life. There is good and positivity everywhere. All people are merely looking for happiness in the only way they know how or have been taught. 5. I am a motivational speaker. I own a company called Motivating For Positive Change  . I travel the country speaking to teens, adults, organizations, and anyone who will listed to inspire and motivate them to create positive change. I am an Author who has written short stories, poetry, etc for multiple different causes and have published in multiple different places. All things going towards creating mass positive change. In the end – If you don’t believe you can change the world, then you need to change your mind.

Blogs that I am now nominating and I suggest everyone to check out!


A blog asking us to change this world for the better. A blog I’ve just started following, and every post has made me smile, and agree with!


This is a blog created by Jeff. This is from his blog:

Simply put, my mission is to uplift, inspire and motivate 1,000,000 people to live their most fulfilling, compassionate and productive life!

Imagine a world where people didn’t give up on their dreams, followed their hearts and lived with passion and excitement. How would this impact our life? What enormously positive impact would this have on our families? Our organizations or professions? Our country? Our world?  I know this is possible.


Fiona’s blog to create happiness and devotion to your life. A wonderfully spiritual woman who does amazing things in her church and her life to help others. A great blog to follow!


This is a fun and inspiring blog by a woman in Montana named Tobi. I love her ideas, her thoughts, and the many great ideas she gives us.

This si who she is according to her:

I will be blogging about life, love, troubles, beautiful things, my family, my dogs, food, soulfulness, movies, books, things that bother me, and generally stuff that leads to blissfulness, which brings me to my next topic…

What’s with my blog name?

Hunting bliss, although I’m from Montana and a recovering redneck, has nothing to do with guns, ammo or camouflage.  Bliss is defined as a state of ‘perfect happiness’ or ‘great joy’.  The great Joseph Campbell said, “Follow your bliss and the universe with open doors where there were only walls.”  I think this is another way of saying:  Cultivate the things that make you tick, that make you feel alive and like your life has meaning…Do those things and doors will open left and right for you, because you are following what’s in your heart–what God has put in your heart.  Hunting for bliss is a blog about my search for bliss in life through food, relationships, God, travel, nature, photography, writing, and all the other things that make my heart full.


This is a local gallery in my area that is just amazing!!!

The woman who runs it is named Tanya, and she is just one of those people that has embraced the positive attitude, happiness life and invited all artists who have the same ideals to be part of this awesome gallery

The bliss Project

The posts that come out of this blog inspire me and motivate me to do cooler and more positive things…I hope it does to you to.

This is what she says about herself:

I’m a teacher and I love my job. Working with kids is great, even when they all get sick at the same time and sneeze on me. They also make my days interesting and they make me laugh all the time! They tell me I’m pretty. They tell me I’m a good singer (I’m not!).

I love dessert! Making it, eating it, looking at it! I’m more of a vanilla person than a chocolate person. If you offered me a vanilla cupcake and a brownie, I would go for the cupcake first. Then I would probably eat the brownie when you weren’t looking.

Five kids with disabilities

A blog dedicated to the trials and tribulations of dealing with many kids with disabilities. If you have a child with any of these disabilities…you’ll love this blog. It’s definitely a blog to educate yourself about what day to day life of having kids like this…and how neat and wonderful it is.

Here are the rules of the Shine on award.

1. You must thank the person who has given you the award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link person who nominated you for the award.
4. State seven things about me.

I run, I dance, I read, I do yoga. I try new things. I like to think I’m pretty cool, even though I know sometimes I’m not! I like to take pictures and watch Gilmore Girls. I’m cranky in the morning. I try to be positive. Life is good.

For more info on what The Bliss Project is, check out my very first post!



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