The kindness of others

I live by Gandhi’s quote: be the change you want to see in the world. Therefore, I live how I would love to see the rest of the world live.  I create positive change everywhere I ago, I look for opportunities to help people, I try No I am kind to everyone I meet. Now you notice it says everyone, this also means all animals and all forms of nature.

But it’s the kindness of others that always amazes me. I don’t know if its amazing because they are actually acting and performing the kind acts that I ask others and everybody to perform, and it surprise me that maybe just maybe I’m creating positive change. Or maybe I haven’t seen a lot of kindness done towards me in the past so it takes me by surprise. Either way, if you, the reader,are one of those kind of people , keep it up. You are inspiring and motivating every person that crosses your path.

My wife and I just went through a month off scary moments that threatened to take her life and change mine and the kids life forever. My wife just had triple bypass surgery. We kept up or positive attitude, or positive belief, and a constant vigil of being kind and positive to everyone we met. In the end, we became more positive people, spread a lot of kindness and positivity, and gave hope and happiness to a lot of people who have lost it because their loved ones and relatives were in the hospital. As you know, and the above paragrah illustrsted, I never do this stuff because I’m looking for something in return, it’s because that’s the way I am, that’s the way I want to be, and that’s the way I believe everybody has ability to be. That’s why I motivate and inspire people to change the world through positivity.

However, suddenly upon hearing what was going on we received emails, blog messages, Facebook post, hundreds of Facebook post, phone calls, cards, letters, donations to help us keep going-and all of this was filled with no to positivity, prayers, and healing energy. Then suddenly, a group that I speak to in work with to end violence sent a card from the whole organization and a donation hoping everything was good and well.

As I now look back at the hundreds of pieces of kindness that was sent our way, I am humbled, inspired, and thankful that we received so much positivity and happiness wraped in words,actions,and phrases.

We all have this ability inside of us, and this last month has shown me that. You have shown me that. So we can do this to loved ones and people we know kama we can do this to all people kama all races, all creeds, the world. Imagine if this kind of kindness, this is random acts of kindness could be propagated throughout the world on a daily basis imagine what the world could be like. That is what motivating for positive change is- Blaine convene the entire planet with positivity happiness and kindness so that the entire world becomes a happier more positive and prosperous place to live.


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