Promote the blogs that inspire you


Recently, I got nominated for an award for this blog. Many of you may have seen that nomination and the post about the award. As part of the award the rules state that you have to nominate 7 blogs that you believe are awesome and great. I find it hard to just pick 7, because there are so many awesome blogs out there.


This rule got me thinking. What if we routinely celebrated the blogs that inspire us. What if we took 1, 2, 4 blogs a week and posted it on our blog and celebrated that blog. Told people how cool it was, told people about how it is inspired us, and generally showcase that blog for how awesome we think it is.

This is exactly what wordpress does in their “freshly pressed”. But if you read it they explain that they are only a few people looking through the blogsphere for awesome blogs. Well, we the bloggers, are enormously more than that. We could truly highlight some amazing blogs.

Blogs that inspire and motivate us.

Blogs that make us happy.

Blogs that let us know there are people like us trying to do the same things we are or going through the same things we are.

These posts wouldn’t have to be time consuming and long…no, just a blog to tell everyone about an awesome blog you know of, that you follow, or that follows you. Tell people why it’s awesome. Talk about the blogger, and maybe a few posts you liked. That’s it.

Suddenly we all learn about amazing blogs we may never have heard of.

This could be the beginning of something amazing.


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