Motivating For Positive Change – kid’s sales

Buy something from a kid’s stand or kid’s sale

Kids are told that they can’t do anything so often…soon they begin to believe it. When they finally are told yes…they are still not completely convinced that they are accepted into this adult world yet. When they are finally allowed to sell something, put up a lemonade stand, etc it’s their first step into making their own money, finding a piece of independence, and usually their first time of actually having money.

When you as the adult actually patronize their place of business, you validate them. You validate the fact that they are doing the right thing. You validate that they are part of this world, and not just an insect in a big animal world. You also validate their ideas, their thoughts, and their belief in themselves. When you buy something, even if it’s just watered down lemonade, you are telling these kids that they are valued, they are amazing, they are doing something great!

Far too long we have told kids that they can’t do anythign tillthey grow up. The post on real heroes shows the ability young people have. It is their earth when they grow up, might as well let them create and  develop their own future. Young people selling things today, are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. The young people selling today, are the adult who create a very different world than we know.

When the young 18 year old kids Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were talking about computers they were considered odd and weird…now they are revolutionaries.

St. Petersburg pride parade

St. Petersburg, fl pride parade and steet festivale was today. I believe in the pride event because of what it stands for:
1.It doesnt matter who you love or who you are…youre accepted
2.All people should be accepted for the person you are regardless of race or sexual orientation.
3. Gay rights are human rights. All humans-gay,straight,man,woman,any race – should be treated with respect and equality.

I joined a friend of mine who was volunteering with planned parenthood. Turns out she was in the pride parade. Suddenly, chad herman of Motivating For Positive Change was out motivaing for positive change.again! I was pick up the banner and be part of.the parade.

Suddenly I was the motivator of the bring all equality and human respect to all people. These pictures are an example of how it went.






In the pouring rain we celebrated happiness, equality, and nonviolence. I hope you will celebtate those same things!

Daily motivating for positive change –

Go to and sign petitions for the things you believe in for 1 hour is a great site that allows you to sign petitions that people have been put up trying to create positive change.  There is a plethora of subjects that are on this site, from people trying to keep their grandmothers house that died from cancer to kids trying to make changes to their city legislation to saving leopard/lions/wolves, etc . You’ll definitely find a cause that you believe it. In 1 hour, you have the ability to affect more positive change than you realize! If it takes you 2 minutes to sign a petition, you could sign 30 petitions in an hour…wow, that’s pretty cool.

Then you can post these petitions to facebook creating even more positive change.

BE the change agent you are!

Chad’s new book – Traveling Down the Word on sale now!!!


Chad R. Herman's new book of poetry Traveling down the road

Chad R. Herman’s new book of poetry Traveling down the road



What a lot of people don’t know about me is that I’m an avid writer.

I’ve been writing and winning awards for poetry, short stories, novellas, and general essays since I was 10.

My new book Traveling Down the Word is a book of poetry about This, That, and the Other. The first two books of poetry 2 dozen Breaths  and Now Creating the Future were designed and created to inspire and motivate people to change the world in some way shape or form. Much like the Daily doses of motivation they are to carry on my vision of creating a wonderful more positive world.

This book is a collection of observational poetry. Poetry about the every day experience and the everyday life. These poems are designed to look at the living experience and cock your head in wonderment. Poems about a woman getting sick by her house and feeling weird that her dog wanted to play with a passer by…but the vomiting was normal. The experience of being a vegetarian and the restraint giving you chicken instead. The odd experience of writing poetry and getting caught up in the fact that the page is blank and there are other things to do. Finally, the normal experiences of life that make you chuckle, smile, and look at in bewilderment.

This book is guaranteed to make you laugh, smile, and inspire you to pick up your pen/paper/laptop/ipad and start writing about the things that happen everyday. So many people day they “should write a book” about all the things that happen…they’re right!  They should. Because life is funny, odd, humorous, and the things that happen…you just can’t make up. For example: I showed up to speak to 100 people the other day. When I arrived 100 senior citizens got out of the pool equipped with floaties, noodles, and inner tubes. Walked soggily into the auditorium, took their seat, and proceeded to dry themselves off. The sound of thousands of water  droplets hitting the ground could be heard through out the auditorium. As I looked at this scene ready for an instructor for water safety – the young lady who hired me said: “Well, are you ready to start?” This is a scene you just can’t make up….but it’s real, it’s life…and it’s funny.

Enjoy the book Traveling Down the Word…and get writing. It is our observations that will be read to see how life was really lived in our time. Let us celebrate life!




Daily Motivating For Positive Change – tell everyone

Tell all your contacts about someone or a company that was amazing

When you have an amazing experience, you should talk about it. Tell everyone.

Especially if this experience was from a small business. That small business would love for you to brag for them. It’s needed information and advertising that all small businessmen need.

If it was something amazing that someone did…put their name in that e-mail and celebrate them! We all need to be celebrated for the good things that they do. If someone that you don’t know did something…add that into an e-mail as well. It talks about the great things people are doing ion the world.

By celebrating this positivity with all your contacts, you will spread and create positive change. It has been proven, when people see good…they do good!


Daily Motivating For Positive Change – passenger door

Open the passenger door for your passengers

When I was a kid my mom always opened the passenger door for me…I never knew why.

Then one day, she explained it’s respectful, polite, and nice to open the passenger door for your passengers. At that, I started opening the door for her. She then explained it was very nice for men to open any door, the car door included, for a woman.

This seemed like such a simple thing to do. As I’ve grown up and became a driver, I kept this going. I always open the door for all of my passengers. While many have said it’s weird, not a single one was offended. Each person said it was nice and made them feel welcome. This simple gesture adds a little m0re nicety and happiness into the world…or creating positive change!

Daily Motivating For Positive Change – no smoking

Give someone a “How to stop smoking”  brochure

Next time you see someone smoking, especially someone who is related to you, give them a brochure. The statistics against smoking is phenomenal. Guaranteed Lung cancer, guarantee lung problems, throat/gum/larynx cancer, anemia, heart disease and guaranteed hart attack, etc, etc. Nobody wants this…but the cigarettes are addicting (they’ve been made that way on purpose).

Then there are the affects…the very horrible affects of those around…by the second hand smoke. Let’s keep in mind that all of the chemicals and gasses that cut the pure tobacco are the chemicals and gasses that are blown into the lungs of everyone around. If they aren’t going to give up cigarettes,…at least go to the e-cigs.


Pictures For positive Change

OHM - the sound for peace/GOD/ and all things. This sound alone is considered the sound of inner peace. This is the low lying hum that is the energy that connects us all!

OHM – the sound for peace/GOD/ and all things. This sound alone is considered the sound of inner peace. This is the low lying hum that is the energy that connects us all!


The emotion that connects us all. The enrgy that is aroudn all of us is love. Love for all , love for everything! When we can truly say we "love all" - we can achieve peace!

The emotion that connects us all. The energy that is around all of us is love. Love for all , love for everything! When we can truly say we “love all” – we can achieve peace!


This shape is based on the mobious strip that is the symbol for infinity! We are immortal beings having a temporary mortal moment. Our moment here is to recreate life, create happiness, and help the world become a better place!

This shape is based on the mobious strip that is the symbol for infinity! We are immortal beings having a temporary mortal moment. Our moment here is to recreate life, create happiness, and help the world become a better place!


Finally - remember! Life is beautiful. All negativity and anger is created because life we forget how awesome and great life truly is!

Finally – remember! Life is beautiful. All negativity and anger is created because life we forget how awesome and great life truly is!




NEW..So you want tot change the world video

This morning I stood in front of 30 students. They all say and looked at me with quirky looks at me…they were all middle schools students. These are the kids that have been told “NO” and “Do what I say” so much that they believe it and hate the fact that it exists – but hey, what can they do about it – they’re just kids.

Just kids.

Just a girl.

Just a guy.

Just a bum.

Just one person.


There are more justs than I can name, nor do I want to. This are the limiting beliefs that we have given these students time and time again. As soon as they were potty trained they were told they couldn’t go potty…remember many of these kids have been in school since they were 2. They’ve been asked waht they want to do “when they grow up”, “when they get older”, “when they get out of here/there”, “when they get smarter”,  or “when they understand more”. 

I asked these 12-14 year olds if they saw any problems in the world. They listed off all the big ones: homeless, cancer, stealing, violence, etc.

I asked these 12-14 year olds if they had any solutions to these problems. They listed off multiple solutions for multiple problems….enough in fact, that we could take their ideas and create a nonprofit on it’s own.

Then I asked why they didn’t do something…and they said – because we’re just kids. There’s that limiting belief again.

So I ask (regardless of age, race, creed, ability

Do you want to change the world?

I think the real question is why wouldn’t you want to change the world. Look around and you will see a lot of opportunities for you to help major causes and affect positive change. You are an agent of change…most of all I want you to know it!


What Do You Choose?

I choose acceptance. I choose understanding. I choose happiness. I choose the antithesis of bullying…I choose life!

The New B.P

1013929_10151421941871890_1749615641_nIt’s great to hear that the “Anti-Bullying Bills” are pending, but should be put on high priority for debate or the passing, speaking from experience, I would not recommend The Human resources department as they are management and will protect the best interest of the corporation rather then the employee, it’s best and your chances of getting results are greater if you use a out side source. Don’t forget to check out our new Affiliates in the right hand columm and help put an end to Bullying…cheers

Question. I joined a company in Boston in late 2013. The culture is problematic. Our supervisor regularly demeans and ridicules employee mistakes. Instead of dealing with it privately, he reprimands employees in a public manner. He picks on a few of my quieter colleagues, who he knows won’t speak up for themselves. It is horrible to watch. Are there laws against bullying and…

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