Haiku Poetry book: Two Dozen Breaths

Two Dozen Breaths

Haiku Poetry boook!!!!!

Chad Herman's book of inspirational Haiku!

Chad Herman’s book of inspirational Haiku!


As promised in the previous post, the poetry books have begun to arrive!

Introducing Chad Herman’s new poetry book: Two Dozen Breaths.

Two Dozen Breaths is comprised of 24 inspirational Haiku poems.

What’s a Haiku?

That’s a valid question. There’s a lot of people who have asked this question.

A Haiku is a form of poetry that was founded in Japan, and specifically, in the meditative or Zen tradition. The definition of poetry in general is: a piece of writing where the meaning is more than the words themselves say. Therefore, with all poetry, the meaning of a poem is more than just what the words mean.  With Haiku, much like the Zen tradition, the idea is to pack as much meaning as possible into the least amount of words and syllable.

Haiku consist of 3 lines. The first line has 5 syllables. The second line has 7 syllables. The third line has 5 syllables. This totals 17 syllables.

Chad Herman's book of inspirational Haiku!

Chad Herman’s book of inspirational Haiku!

The point of Haiku:

Read it. (breathe)

Meditate on it. (Breathe)

What I am giving you in Two Dozen Breaths is 24 meditative thoughts on ways that we can not only create positive change, but also get us to think very carefully about the many opportunities of the world. Each Haiku of Two Dozen Breaths take us deeper into the true meaning of the ideas and thoughts presented in the Haiku, and begs for you to create an opinion about the Haiku, and what it is saying. By asking you to create an opinion yourself, the Haiku allows you to travel to a solution by yourself independent of the influence of others. In essence, the opinion you arrive at is truly your own.

At the end of each Haiku…there is a reminder to “Breathe”. This book is designed to be a daily meditation book, where you read each Haiku in the beginning of your day, so that you may think and ponder its meaning through out your day. In essence, you are allowed to “breathe” on it.

Two Dozen Breathss is a book for the poetry lover, the inspired and the ones needing inspiration, and the lover of new ideas. If you are a wanderer or a fireside reader, Two Dozen Breaths will embrace you to wander down the path of new thought and positive change!

Pay attention to the blog for sneak peaks of the Haiku on Two Dozen Breaths.


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