Your Cup of life…take control of it.

Wow..that’s a really old song. You know what that songs called?

The cup of life.

Everyone..every single one of you..raise your hand. Get your hands up

Raise your hand that you’re gonna grab a cup with. Now grab the cup..I want to see you do it!

That is the Cup of Life!

Each and every one of you have a cup of life, and every single one of you gets to fill that cup with anything you want. That’s right…ANYTHING you want!

It’s your cup! It doesn‘t matter who you are or what you look like,your skin color, rich, poor, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter who you live with..your mom, your dad, your grandma, or even your aunt, uncle, foster care. It doesn’t matter if you’ve made mistakes in the past, or if you make mistakes in the future. That is your cup of life and you can fill it with anything you want. You, you, you..every single one of you, you have the opportunity to fill that cup with anything you want.

And right about now, you’ve put about 13-17 years into it. That’s only a few drops into this cup of life. That whole cup is going to be filled when you leave this world, and I guarantee it’s going to be the greatest drink you’ve ever had in your life because…it’s your life! And you are the one that will fill it..nobody else.

Remember how that song started…do you really want it? Do you?  Do you really want it? Do you really want every thing you’ve ever dreamed of?  Do you really want everything your mind can imagine? Do you really want everything? Do you really want the car, the bling, the land? Do you really want the house, the spouse, the family? Do you really want the money? Do you want the existence of every single thing that you’ve ever dreamed of? Do you want the dreams that are bigger than the place you come from..the dreams so big that they are larger than life itself? Then you can have it. Yes, that’s right you can have it…because it’s your cup of life and you just have to fill it.

Are you gonna get there alone…I guarantee it not! You’re not going to get anywhere alone. Look all the people around you already. Every single one of these people have the opportunity to help you, life you up, hold you up, and lift you up on pedestals that willl ead to ladders that will get you to any place or dream you could ever imagine you want to be.

Because together we have the ability to do amazing things, alone we are just alone! When we connect to everyone else…we are amazing!

HOWEVER – What if I was to put a drop of black ink in my cup. I’ve just dirtied my cup. I just polluted my cup. I can’t go on filling it now.  But that is what some of us have done. We have put pollution in our cup.  That pollution comes from people.  What is this people pollution?

1st…it’s not family. We can’t choose our family, they are not pollution. Those are merely opportunities and obstacles. Sometimes families aren’t great, that’s just the way it is…we have to rise above that!

It’s the people we choose to put in our cup that is pollution. Are you choosing to pollute your cup right now? Are you polluting your cup of life?  Polluting your cup of life with negative people, who do negative things, and want you to do those negative things, negative thoughts, negative ideas, and negative actions that won’t help you a single bit. Negative thing like

“dude you should take as many drugs as you want, as many drugs as we can so we can find that awesome high.”

“we have to drink and drink and drink till everything goes away…till the bad day goes away.”

“why do you have to go school…come on just snuggle up some more. School is like 6 hours, do you know what we could be doing in that 6 hours? We could go to the beach, we could go for a ride, we could…”

Yeah, you could do a lot of things.  These are polluters.

Polluters?  They’re not doing anything wrong..they’re just asking you to go have fun right? How could having fun be bad?  It’s not bad it’s fun…how can fun be bad. Isn’t that what you just said chad…you said you wanted us to have everything we’ve ever wanted. Right?  You just said we have to have fun and enjoy our life and be happy. Chad you just said we have a cup of life and we should fill it and do all of that. Chad you just said YOLO. You only live once.

Wait a minute! Do you realize what yolo says. It says it doesn’t matter what happens to anyone else, just as long as you’re enjoying life. But – there’s only way to be happy every single minute, and that’s seeing happiness in every sing le thing in your life.  If you’re not seeing happiness in every single thing in your life, then you’re just running to try to catch a dream that doesn’t exist…because happiness is in your heart. Happiness is in your heart.’s a great idea until you start closing doors to your cups!

Imagine walking into a store full of soda fountains. Every drink you could ever want or imagine…and you can fill your cup with all of it! You could take your cup of life and fill it with any of this…a little bit of that, a little bit of that, a little bit of that. When you start thinking that you don’t need certain things like…education. Like…friends and people that will do good things for you. Like…hard work. Like…a job.  Like…to study. Like…to take notes. All of sudden those soda foutains aren’t available to you. SLAM…there went the pepsi products. Slam…there went the coke products. Slam..there went the independents like 7-up and root beer. Slam…their closing down faster than we can handle it. Slam..there went the generics. What do you have fill up your cup of life…many different types of water. By eliminating the things you need to do…you limit your opportunities!

#1 – Pay attention to the people around you…they can pollute your cup of life. Don’t let them pollute your cup of life by slamming doors on opportunities you have!

You have control of your life…no one else. Don’t let people pollute your cup of life.

#2 – Make sure that when opportunity knocks…you’re ready

You’re not gonna get that with no education.

You have to be ready when the opportunity arrives. You have to have the education to understand what is being offered, and be ready for that opportunity!  You need to go to school when that opportunity knocks…it can happen at any time. It can be today, it could be tomorrow…it could be 10 years from now, but when that opportunity knocks…you have to be ready, and education will do that!

When they say..Hello Mr and Mrs person, my name is opportunity and I have this to offer you if you can do it and you have the education to back it up…you get that opportunity. If you have what I think a regular person at your age shou;d have…I’m giving you this opportunity,. If you say no…you don’t have that education..I’m sorry I didn’t take notes in that class.,..I’m sorry I don’t have those grades…I didn’t learn this or that. SLAM the door just slammed on you.

Right when that moment happens you have to grab it, grab that opportunity with both hands and hold on because the whirl wind is about to take control.  You’re gonna fly through the air on a 747 jet plane. You’re on a rocket to tyour dreams. I guarantee it ladies and gentleman…because opportunities arise every minute of every hour.  The polluters…the ones that are polluting your cup will have many many opportunities…but none of them will ricket you to the world and land of your dreams. Nothing will get you to that future you want to be at…like education. Because when someone needs someone to do something for them…they need someone who posses that knowledge and education…right now!  I guarantee that if you have that exact education, if you paid attention, took some notes, and got the grades…you’ll get that opportunity when it arrives in front of you.

All you have to do…pay attention, take some notes, get the grades.

Pay attention, get the notes, get the grades  (x4) And if the grades aren’t coming…just talk to your teachers. The teachers are there because they want to help…not just for a paycheck.NO! Teachers are wanting you to ask them questions, ask them for help. That’s why they go into teaching…they are wanting just that. But they get run down by all the people who just don’t care. They want to help you…I promise. All you have to do is ask…and show them that you are paying attention, taking the notes, and wanting the grades.

Take the classes, take the notes, get the grades. Because when you do this…you will be ready. Ready for every opportunity that comes in front of you. You will be ready that moment.

My cousin is an idiot. Raise your hand if you have relatives that are idiots. But there was one rule in her house, my aunts house, you had to pay attention, take the notes, get the grades. Notes are important…so unless she wanted to be yelled at and kicked out she kinda paid attention, took the notes, and got most of the grades

Folk opportunities arrive every minute of your life. If you’re not prepared they will pass you on by.

  1. You can’t let people pollute your cup. You can’t let people stop you from these opportunities.
  2. You have to go to school, take the notes, get the grades…notes are important.

Then you have a clean cup. People around you are supporting you, helping you, uplifting you…and you have the education.  When the opportunity arrives..what do you do?

You KNOW you can do it. Because education makes you a better person.  Because knowing you have the abilities. Knowing you can do it. Knowing you have the education. Having the self confidence that you know you can do anything. You know you are the woman you are the man that can do it. No one can do better than I…because I set the standards of my life…no one else. I am the one person who can do anything , and I am ready for any opportunity that arrives in front of me. I have set my life up so when opportunity knocks, I am here, I am ready…I am in this moment to take that opportunity.

When you have a goal, a place you’re heading to. It doesn’t matter what happens. When polluters come in…you decide whther they are helping you achieve your goal…if they aren’t, you drop them immediately. Negativity gone…only what will help you achieve your goals and what you want in your life. Only what will fill your cup of life. You look at your goals, then you look at the polluters and ask: are you on board to help me achieve this?  No?  You gotta go. See ya! Don’t pollute my cup. Don’t make sure I’m not going to have the opportunity I want.

Know with every single piece of your being that you will have exactly what you want…because that is your cup of life.

Remember what I said in the beginning…do you really want it?  Do you really want everything you’ve ever wanted. Do you want it…you have to know that you’re great. You have to know you’re awesome. You have to know happiness is in you. There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way. You are happy, you are confident, you have the ability to change the world (your world) to mold and create the exact world you want. That’s what you have the opportunity and ability to have anything and everything you have ever wanted.


Every stand up.

I want hear…are you ready?

Are youready to take that CUP OF LIFE?

Are you ready to make sure there are no polluters?

Are you ready for that opportunity?

  1. Don’t let polluters in.
  2. Be ready for the opportunities with education. Go to school, take the notes, get the grades…notes are important.
  3. Know you can do it.

So stand up…stand up for your life.

Stand up for the person you are.

Stand up for everything you’ve ever wanted in your entire life.

And ladies and gentleman…do you really want it, do you really want it?

Grab that cup of life and make those dreams real.

 This was a speech I gave to 500 teens about staying in school and achieving their dreams.

Chad Herman –



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