Beach Polluters

Let me put out a hypothetical situation:

A company goes into a very very very populated city. They begin really huge holes in this very populated city. The holes make a mess all over the city but the population just kind of moves on with it. Soon, the holes begin to get really really messy and the people in the city begin to stick on the mess. The people who are stuck on the messy stuff are stuck there, they cant move at all. So, their friends try to help them the best they can. But they get stuck there too. Soon a few of these people that are stuck begin to die.

The outrageous to the people of the city as you very well might imagine. In essence, this company is killing people. A bunch of people from neighboring cities come over and see the mess and explains the company that they’re killing people and this isn’t OK. The company explains that some casualties are expected and it’s better for the common good of the people that the company is selling stuff too.

A few years pass, more and more people die… More and more people speak out against this problem unless unless people care.

Suddenly! All the pipes in the holes explode and cover the entire city with thousands and thousands of gallons of this nasty stuff. It kills everybody in the city, it kills everybody in the neighboring cities, and even kills all the air that is around the cities.

The death toll is in the millions and billions. The company says sorry. However the sticky stuff continues to flow through city upon city upon City for weeks and almost months.

If the story was true, there would be outrage on a global scale. This is equal to what the Nazis did, what happened in Rwanda, and the many many incidences of genocide through out the world.

However, this didn’t happen to humans.


This is what happened in the deep water incident in the Gulf of Mexico. Millions and millions of animals, organisms, life were eradicated during this Incident. When it happened, the CEO of BP angrily said ” its really not that big of a deal and we’re taking care of it.”
So I try to make people aware of this by wearing my shirt. This is my attempt to educate as many people as I can so did they know this is really what happened. This shirt is a conversation starter for me to be able to create positive change.


Since that time there have been over 200 oil spills around the world. The amount of animals in people either killed or affected is stagering and astronomical There are thousands, possibly millions, of people working to end the spills and this destruction of our planet . Organizations like Green Peace, save the earth. org, and are constantly trying to change legislation, change policies, and educate everyone about the destruction that oil companies are currently causing to our earth.

It is my belief, that these things are not happening because polluting the earth sounds like a good idea. No doubt, anyone you ask including the oil execs would not say that they are working towards polluting more of the earth. No doubt, when the people who a responsible for okaying these ventures are sitting at their family dinner table, they arent propegating the view: “lets destroy the earth”, nor are they trying to teach their children to do this.

So why do they do it? Bills. They live in a world that has told them that the big house, multiple cars, best restraunts, jewlery, etc, etc is the goal of a succesful life. The higher your tax bracket the better person you are. This is the normal way of thinking in most societies and cultures. BIG money. BIG!!! The execs are “captains of industry” and are featured on succesful magazines, shown mingling with famous and rich, and our children are told that they can become like them if they work hard.

Money is the reason. So how do.we.stop money? How do we stop greed? We vote with our money. Eliminate oil from your life. No plastics. No gas (yes, i know electric cars are expensive…just try to use less gas). Help campaigns that are trying to do.the same. Recycle everything! Get friends and coworkers to do thjs with you. Rediscover glass..instead of plastic.

The less the oil from the oil companies are needed, the less they need to.drill. Less drilling=less oil spill=less earth destruction. But we have to do.this on a very.vert large scale. There are 2 billion people in the US. We need at least 1/2 to do something. Right now we are only in the million mark…LETS CREATE POSITIVE CHANGE.NOW!!!!


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