Daily dose of motivation…coffee


Buy the next person in the coffee place line..their coffee.

It really doesn’t cost much to buy the next person a coffee. I mean even if you went to a really expensive place, how much would it cost a full…$5. Yes, I’m not made out of money…but I could spend $5 and change someone’s life.

When you do something like this to a complete stranger…you change how they see the world in general. They see it as a new world…a world where people are nice to eachother, and people do nice things. This is the view of the world you are GIVING someone. It is in direct contrast to the news and all of the other reality TV that shows nothing but negativity. One can get bombarded with negativity and believe that’s the way of the world. The neat thing: It only takes one act of kindness to change ti all around. That’s how powerful a gesture like this truly is!


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