Collect moments not things

I sat at my daughter’s birthday party watching my 12 year old growing to a middle schooler speaking about boys, random stuff, funny words that have to do with body parts, YouTube, Facebook, and all those funny things that we all thought were so cool in middle school. I listened to the he said she said we said they said oh no she didn’t conversation that middle school is full of.

I watched phone videos of the sleepover. I watched pictures of them making funny faces in the mirror. I listen to stories of frozen panties and throwing up because of too much junk food. I laughed with my daughter and her friends. I have some real questions about how they felt and I got real answers. I was part of her life.

While all this was happening her mom was feverishly taking pictures, video, and posting it on various Facebook pages as fast as she could. She stood on chairs, she kneeled in front of the girls while they were speaking, and she tried to take pictures or video of the videos that were being shown.

Finally, when she sat down I asked her if she heard the stories. She looked at me with a puzzled look. I asked her if she heard about the boys or about the videos or about the conversations they had about their future life and the future of their friendship. Her face twisted into confusion. I asked her if she heard about how my daughter still have the same aspiration that she’s had since three and was telling everybody about it. I asked her if she heard about the boy drama that was going on at school, and how my daughter was intermixed into it. Her mom cocked her head and asked what I was talking about.

He had the pictures, she was posting to Facebook and blogs and everywhere else you could post, but she really wasn’t there.

As soon as you pick up a phone or a camera the moment has already passed you by. We live in a succession of moments , moments of right now. These arent moments we can do over or ever get back and I believe this thought is what drives us to costantly try to capture these moments on film, digital, or video….but it is IMPOSSIBLE.

Every moment is only there for a split second. You have 2 choices…be in that moment or capture and image that is really just a shadow of the experience. Just as when we look at our shadow we know that it is a reflection of ourselves, but its even less than that. It is a dark outline, almost like a feint memory of us…it is less a reflection and more a rough drawing of our basic outline. Just because a picture shows us everything that was happening, or a video resembles what real life looks like – its not real life…its a 2 dimensional ghost devoid of 4 of our senses. When we spend all of our time collecting these fractions of our life, and this becomes more important than being in reality, we are placing our life’s emphasis on things and not reality. This constant striving to capture every aspect of life into two dimensional versions of reality is just like filling our lives with things and materialism rather than experiences and living.


Take a picuture to remind you. Then put the device down. Be in that moment. Interact with the people and.experiences that are happening right NOW. I gurantee in a second it will be gone.

Smell the smells.
Listen to what is being said.
Taste the food, the drink, the air.
Feel the wind, the energy, and the emotions.

Live in the experiences. Live for the experiences. Collect moments of memory, happiness, love, and excitement. Collect moments of Ah that make your jaw drop and your heart skip a beat. Get out their and actually experience the world youre working so capture in pictures and video!

Live in this moment right now!


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