Two Dozen Breaths sneak peak

Chad Herman's book of inspirational Haiku!

Chad Herman’s book of inspirational Haiku!


My new book: Two Dozen Breaths is available now!

What I am giving you in Two Dozen Breaths is 24 meditative thoughts on ways that we can not only create positive change, but also get us to think very carefully about the many opportunities of the world. Each Haiku of Two Dozen Breaths take us deeper into the true meaning of the ideas and thoughts presented in the Haiku, and begs for you to create an opinion about the Haiku, and what it is saying. By asking you to create an opinion yourself, the Haiku allows you to travel to a solution by yourself independent of the influence of others. In essence, the opinion you arrive at is truly your own.

Just click here to purchase it now!

Here are 2 poems from the book (I hope you enjoy them)



Take nonviolence now.

Peace and understanding are-

the cure for violence NOW.



Most Common Good

Everything goes toward

the most common good even if

it doesn’t seem too.


Enjoy the book and the poetry.

Do you have any Haiku to share? Please write it in the comments for all to see!


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